1ameds.net Review – An Online Drug Fulfillment Center with a Membership Fee

1ameds.net Review - An Online Drug Fulfillment Center with a Membership Fee

1ameds.net was an internet drug fulfillment center that promises a savings of up to 80% on medication cost. On their homepage, it says that they offer prescription medicines that were 80% cheaper as compared to a local drugstore’s pricing.

The information we gathered for 1ameds.net was very limited. This drug fulfillment center did not have any third-party reviews and their web archived information was not a lot. The start and closing date of this e-store were not available and so was its location.

A quick look at their archived homepage revealed two promises from this website – complete privacy and overnight shipping. On their FAQ page, they verified that they were not an online pharmacy but a mediator, hoping to direct their customers to the best online pharmacy to get their medications with. To use the service offered by 1ameds.net, their customers need to become a member first. The paid membership costs $29.95 for a 30-day period and $79.95 for a three-month period. The membership was payable with an E-Check.

What medicines can you order once you became a member of 1ameds.net? The popular medications sold by partners of this fulfillment center included Adipex, Albuterol, Ambien, Cipro, Claritin, Darvocet, Lasix, Lipitor, Norvasc, Diazepam, Viagra, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Tramadol, and Codeine among others. Basically, a 1ameds.net member can order any medication he or she needs thru the different online pharmacies that tied up with this fulfillment center. In exchange for their membership fee, they can purchase these medicines at the lowest price possible which was up to 80% cheaper. Membership was non-transferrable and cannot be canceled but customers can opt to not renew if they don’t want to.

Why would someone pay for a membership to become part of 1ameds.net? On their website, they listed several perks that only members of 1ameds.net can enjoy such as a list of trusted and reliable international online pharmacies, a list of fake and illegal online pharmacies to avoid, a list of doctors that offer phone and web consultation in the US, and a list of online pharmacies that were currently running a promotion.

Most information such as shipping methods, payment options, and policies was available to customers once an order is placed. It means that it will depend on the chosen online pharmacy of the customer. The only thing that 1ameds.net was access to these trusted internet drugstores so they can choose their medication without fear of being scammed. According to some information we gathered, they accepted credit card and E-Check for payments during their run.

1ameds.net Reviews

We exhausted all our resources in finding a customer review for 1ameds.net. Unfortunately, we are unable to find any. They don’t have a testimonial page as well. We believe that online consumers were intelligent enough not to get a membership from this fulfillment center. Why pay $29.95 for a membership when you can use it to order your drug already?

We assume that during their operation, no one dared to become a member of this fulfillment center hence the absence of customer reviews.

1ameds.net Reviews 2018

As mentioned above, the possibility of not having a member that can use their service was the reason this fulfillment center didn’t have any customer reviews. This could be the reason as well as to why they are now closed. With this business being closed, we believe they no longer have reviews for this year.

1ameds.net Coupon Codes

We are unable to find coupon codes for 1ameds.net and we are unable to find perks as well. The only promotion we found that can possibly entice a customer to try using them was their advertisement that says 80% savings. This was a big thing especially for elderlies who need to take a medication regularly (maintenance drugs).

1ameds.net Coupon Codes

However, this perk comes only to consumers who are willing to pay a membership fee of up to $79 and we think no one would be dumb enough to do it.


1ameds.net was a fulfillment center whose location and time of operation was unknown. Based on the web archived information we gathered, it looks like it operated from the US. What we found unusual with this fulfillment center aside from the fact that there was not much information about them was their membership fee. Online consumers who wanted to use this web store must pay a membership fee to access their international pharmacies and make purchases. According to their website, the benefits of becoming a member of 1ameds.net were:

  • No more prescription and doctors visit needed
  • Savings of up to 80* on medication cost as compared to a local drugstore cost
  • Convenient prescription refill
  • Discreet packaging
  • The list of international pharmacies they had
  • Members can order up to 90-days’ worth of medication
  • Members can access a list of online pharmacies with a bad reputation
  • Members can access a list of online pharmacies that are illegal
  • Members can have 24/7 dedicated customer support team
  • Members can access a list of doctors that offer phone consultation
  • Members can access online pharmacy with current promotions
  • Members can access a list of doctors that offer web consultation

Despite these number of positive promises from 1ameds.net, we are still in doubt and cannot believe them because of their lack of reliable customer reviews. With their lack of data and outrageous membership fee, we do not see 1ameds.net as a reliable fulfillment center.

Besides, online consumers can find a legal online pharmacy on their own and order medications at a very low price without paying a membership fee of $29.95 a month. A quick Google search and a few minutes of your time doing research are enough to get a reliable online pharmacy to use.

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