2-day-meds.com Review – Seized by the US Government After Nine Years of Operation

2-day-meds.com Review - Seized by the US Government After Nine Years of Operation

2-day-meds.com was one of the online pharmacies that were currently not operating after being shut down by the Europol and the US government. This online pharmacy operated for nine years then was seized for illegally operating and selling counterfeit medicines. 2-day-meds.com was a US-based internet drugstore and they shipped all orders from the US.

For nine years, this online pharmacy had been shipping quality erectile dysfunction medicines to its customers in the US. All medicines offered by this e-store were generic erectile dysfunction brands from India. These medicines were shipped and stocked in the US hence when ordered, orders were shipped directly from a US warehouse.

For their offers, they offered generic Viagra for $2.08 per tablet, and it was a lot cheaper as compared to a branded Viagra that costs around $10 per tablet. They also offered generic Cialis for $2.08. the price was the same for a tablet of generic Cialis Soft, generic Viagra Soft, and generic Levitra. They also offered other popular erectile dysfunction brands such as generic Viagra Soft, generic Levitra Professional, Kamagra, and Kamagra Jelly. This e-store also offered a few non-ED medicines such as Xenical, Priligy, and Propecia.

Ordering from 2-day-meds.com was easy because it can be completed with a credit card payment. Ordering can be done in six steps:

  1. Choose the product and click on buy
  2. Choose the pack you want (30 pills, 60 pills, 120 pills etc)
  3. Click checkout
  4. Input your information such as delivery name and address
  5. Click on submit
  6. Wait for your confirmation message. The confirmation message will appear once your payment gets confirmed or approved by your bank

Once it gets confirmed, the order will be shipped to their warehouse and will be prepared for packing and shipping. All orders were packed discreetly. Orders were cancelled if it has not left the warehouse yet. Once the order was out for delivery, you must wait for it then call the support team once you receive it to check your further options.

2-day-meds.com delivered within the US only. They partnered with the USPS or United States Postal Service to make their deliveries a 2-day delivery. They offered First Class Mail Delivery program and it takes up to 7 days for the order to arrive. The cut-off time was 8 in the evening hence orders placed after 8 in the evening were considered as next day delivery. The delivery charge was $35. USPS doesn’t deliver on holidays.

Customers of 2-day-meds.com were able to reach their support team by calling 702 965 3395 or thru their live chat support team. They also had a contact us page for customers who wanted to send them an email.

2-day-meds.com Reviews

2-day-meds.com Reviews

2-day-meds.com was an internet drugstore seized by the US government for allegedly selling counterfeit products. This e-store had been selling its medicines for the last nine years, but it was given a seized order recently thru the In Our Sites (Project TransAtlantic VIII. Is the US agency doing it to protect online consumers or this is a way to stop online pharmacies from selling low-cost medications that cause big pharmaceutical companies to lose their sale? According to these customer reviews, the US government was wrong in seizing 2-day-meds.com. Let us check their reviews.

In his review, Glenn said that he received effective ED pills from this e-store. He said he ordered generic Viagra, but it felt like he was taking branded ones.

As for David, he was happy because he was able to deal with a genuine and honest online pharmacy like 2-day-meds.com. Carlos also had the same sentiment about this e-store, calling it an excellent online pharmacy.

The next testimonial was from James and he said that he was satisfied with the quality of the medicines he received from this e-store. It had the same effect as the expensive pills he usually orders from his local pharmacy.

For the last testimony, it was from Geilert who thanked the pharmacy for their timely and fast delivery.

Reading these reviews made us wonder of the US government was wrong in their decision. However, we tried to check these reviews from third-party reviews websites but didn’t find it. These reviews were found on their on-site review page alone. This can mean two things – the reviews were fake or the these posted reviews were full of biases. For now, we cannot say that these reviews mean anything when it comes to testing the reliability of 2-day-meds.com.

2-day-meds.com Reviews 2018

2-day-meds.com had been closed for a while now and after searching for 2018 reviews, we must assume that they closed before 2018. This e-store doesn’t have any new reviews.

2-day-meds.com Coupon Codes

2-day-meds.com Bonus

2-day-meds.com didn’t offer coupon codes to their customers during their nine-year run. What they offered were promos and bonuses that customers can use to make it easier for them to pay for their medication.

One of their regular promotion was for returning customers. Returning customers were entitled to a 5% discount on their second order and a 7% discount on their third and next orders.

Customers were also advised to check holiday discounts from time to time as they regularly offer holiday promos.


2-day-meds.com had been operating for nine years before the US government got them. The US government closed down this e-store under the power of In Our Sites (Project TransAtlantic VIII – a program by the US government and some international agencies to crack down cybercrime. This means putting a stop to stores that offer or sell counterfeit or fake products like medicines.

With the many promises of 2-day-meds.com and the absence of reliable customer reviews that can back up their claim, we can say that perhaps the US government was right in seizing this online pharmacy.

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