24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Review – An Overly Cheap Pharmacy with Unsupported CIPA Seal

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Review – An Overly Cheap Pharmacy with Unsupported CIPA Seal

The drugstore domain address suggests that it has its location in Canada. Additional evidence available on the drugstore website proving this pharmacy is Canada based is the CIPA seal and the MIPA seals. The drugstore indicates it has received approval from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and Manitoba International Pharmacist Association with both of these seals. The drugstore has been selling meds for approximately 14 years now. The store was established back in the year 2004.

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com wide catalog makes it possible for everyone to get the meds that he or she needs quite easily. Some of the meds available on the 24h Canadian Pharmacy catalog include sleeping aids, skincare meds, pain relief drugs, muscle relaxants, erectile dysfunction meds, diabetes pills, blood pressure meds and others.

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com is affordable. I verified this by checking the price for the erectile dysfunction pills the pharmacy sells. A pill of generic Viagra is sold at a very affordable price of $0.32. Its brand version is worth $3.32. Generic Cialis is worth $0.67 per pill. Brand Cialis is sold at a price of $3.66. Generic Levitra will cost males who prefer to treat erectile dysfunction using Vardenafil $1.05. Brand Levitra was not available on 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com.

Since buyers are not required to have a prescription, buying medications from 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com is much easier. However, it is always advisable to seek a doctor’s advice after buying a medication you are not sure about how to use. The pharmacy payment methods include ECheck, American Express, and Visa. Buyers will be safer if they use either American Express or Visa instead of the Echeck. This is because disputing charges is possible while using these two paying methods in comparison to paying using the Echeck.

Drugs are shipped within a period of 24 hours since the time a buyer placed his or her order. The two shipping methods utilized include Airmail and EMS courier delivery. The Airmail method will cost the buyer $10. It will take approximately 2 to 3 business weeks before medications reach their buyer. The EMS courier delivery is quick which makes it more expensive. This method costs buyers $20 medications and will take approximately 3 to 8 business days before they reach the buyer.

Returning medications to 24h Canadian Pharmacy is not an option. The drugstore states that by accepting medication returns, they would be going against the international rules. The pharmacy, however, does indicate that a buyer who is not satisfied by what he or she received can contact the customer support department and have his/her concerns addressed.

If a buyer fails to receive his or her meds within the stipulated period of time, 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com promises to offer them a full refund or a free reshipment. In order to get either, the buyer has to contact the drugstore. 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com did not have a live chat option. However, the pharmacy did have 2 phone numbers and a contact page through which buyers could send emails. The phone numbers are +1 760 284 3222 (US) and +4420 3286 3820 (EU).

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Reviews

I searched for testimonials left behind by customers who have already used 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com to source their meds. I was hoping to at least find some external site reviews since the drugstore has been online for quite a long time. To my surprise, no reviews were available on external websites which collect reviews. I have captured the reviews I found on 24h Canadian Pharmacy:

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Reviews

St Patrick from Irish France reported that he enjoyed efficient and prompt service. The tablets were delivered on time. He recommended the drugstore. Samuel from Spain received his Cialis, tried them and found them to work well. He wanted the pharmacy to send the remaining order. He enjoyed talking to the 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com customer support department.

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com on-site reviews should not be trusted. The drugstore has a CIPA seal that shows it is an approved online pharmacy. However, after checking the drugstore domain address on cipa.com, the site was not in their database. This means that the CIPA seal was included on the drugstore website in order to fool buyers. A pharmacy that lies about its CIPA approval can also lie about its onsite reviews.

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

The reviews available on 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com did not have dates on them. Determining whether any 2018 reviews were available was impossible for me. The reviews I have included below may not reflect 24h Canadian Pharmacy performance in 2018:

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Reviews

Tyler from Austria reported that it was nice to realize that ordering medication from nice and safe websites without the need for a doctor’s prescription was possible. He indicated that 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com is a great website with unbeatable prices and helpful staff. Lucas from the United States received his order. The delivery was prompt. He indicated that he would order from the pharmacy again in the future.

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com does not have any coupon codes both on its website and on third-party sites. The pharmacy, however, has offers. These include:

24h-canadian-pharmacy.com Offers

The pharmacy adds bonus Viagra pills for free to every order made on their website. The free shipping offer was being given to anyone who had paid for medications worth more than $200. The drugstore promised buyers to offer them prices which are over 70% cheaper. All customers who returned to purchase their medications for the second time were being offered a 10% discount.


If 24h-canadian-pharmacy.com is a trustworthy pharmacy, it would be a great online pharmacy to use to purchase medications. The drugstore has a wide catalog, cheap medications, both brand and generic medications, and great payment methods. The problem with the pharmacy is that it is lying about its CIPA approval and probably the reviews on its site. A pharmacy that lies has a very high likelihood of scamming its buyers.

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