Review – An Online Pharmacy you Should not Accord your Trust Review - An Online Pharmacy you Should not Accord your Trust is an online pharmacy that started operating in 2011. It operated briefly and stopped operating in 2013. This online pharmacy is currently unreachable. Nevertheless, through extensive research, I was able to find some information about this vendor to clear my inquisition as to why it operated briefly. Though I was not so impressed with what I found, I would be sharing the details with you so you could see for yourself.

The first thing that put me off about this vendor is the fact that where they operated from was not revealed. This is not a trait of a pharmacy that could be trusted. Going through more archived information about this pharmacy, I was able to discover that they offered a wide variety of drugs grouped into various categories. These categories include Blood pressure, cardiovascular, Antiviral, Antibiotics, Anti-herpes, Antifungal, Anti-diabetic, Anti-acidity, Gastrointestinal, Healthy Bones, Erectile Dysfunction etc. Owing to the fact that I saw mostly erectile dysfunction drugs on the homepage of this vendor’s website, I decided to check for the prices of the popular erectile dysfunction meds I saw. Kamagra ( a brand popular brand generic to Viagra) was among the ED meds I saw and its price was set at $2.06 per pill, generic Viagra $0.89 per pill, generic Cialis $1.53 per pill, generic Levitra $1.81 per pill, Viagra professional $1.21 per pill, and Cialis professional $3.21 per pill. Some of the drugs I see on this website are FDA approved an example is Kamagra. However, I can’t say the same for some generics on this website as I am not certain of the manufacturers. This pharmacy has not revealed any details as to the FDA approval status of its generics. But I know for sure that the manufacturers are located in an offshore zone.

As regards the payment methods accepted on this website, I gathered that payments could be done via several options which include JCB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners. As for the shipping options with this vendor, no details have been given in this regard. However, I could fathom from an information they give customers free express shipping on orders above $140. The timing has not been like the FAQ section was not responsive.

Furthermore, from the data captured by web archive; I could see that has actually dedicated a section of their to address refunds. But when I clicked on it to see what the policy really says, I got no response. Hence, I can’t say for sure what their policy entails; but it appears they offered to give their customers refunds. Additionally, this vendor does not have a live chat, but they have a toll-free line; +18772170116. Reviews

Atlantic-rx-store Testimonial

This is an important aspect of this article which I definitely would not overlook. What customers have to say about their experience is paramount to my review of this article. For this reason, I checked online for what customers have said about using this vendor. The problem is, I found nothing on an external site. The only place I got to see testimonials were on the vendor’s website. It is important to note that onsite testimonials are not reliable since they are part of the contents uploaded on this website by the operators. Therefore, I advise that you do not trust the testimonials I’m about sharing with you fully.

Atlantic-rx-store Testimonial

Max from New York says positive things about this vendor. He tells us that he bought the generic Viagra through this vendor. And he tells us that all this vendor’s claimed about their top-notch service “was true”. In other words, Max was satisfied by this vendor.

This second onsite testimonial is from Harry residing in Virginia. He also bought the generic Viagra from this vendor. From what he tells us, the generic Viagra that he received was effective as he says he “would recommend”.

From these testimonials, one would say that this pharmacy is reliable and has a knack for customer satisfaction. But on the contrary, if a pharmacy was so great; getting customer reviews from an external source should not be a problem. Additionally, when a pharmacy has got only onsite reviews trusting it fully is never a wise thing to do. Reviews 2018 appears to have been closed in 2013. hence, there is no recent customer review of this vendor. The reason behind it stopped operating has not been revealed. But for a pharmacy to operate for two years does not say a lot of good about it. This is because pharmacies that open and shut down briefly like this imply they are not trustworthy. It is for this reason that I advise you to go in search of a pharmacy with good reviews from an external source. Coupon Codes

Atlantic-rx-store Discount Offers
Atlantic-rx-store Discount Offers

I tried checking for the discounts this pharmacy offered. Though I didn’t find much save for this screenshot I made.

From the screenshot, when customers make orders above $55, they would get free pills. and when orders are over $140 customers would get a free shipping of their order.

Conclusion like other online pharmacies has both strengths and weaknesses. From all the details I shared about this pharmacy in this article, one could tell that their meds are affordable. They also appear to give a few attractive orders. However, they do not have a live chat service, they have no customer reviews that could be fully trusted. Additionally, it operated for only two years. Based on these, this pharmacy should not be given your trust even if it reopens. It is better you make use of a vendor that has positive and trustable external testimonials.

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