Review – An ED Online Pharmacy Where Refunds Were Guaranteed Review - An ED Online Pharmacy Where Refunds Were Guaranteed is an online pharmacy that I would be reviewing in this article. When I tried visiting this website, I was redirected to Canada-choice. In my inquisition, I wanted to know more about this pharmacy. So, I went in search of data stored about this pharmacy in online archives., as its name implies, is focused on selling ED meds to customers at affordable rates. When I went through this online platform, I saw a wide list of erectile dysfunction drugs; mostly generics to brand names drugs. Among the variety of ED meds I saw, there were a few that drew my attention and they include they include generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and Kamagra; a brand generic to Viagra. I also checked for the prices this vendor offered these drugs. Generic Viagra was offered for $0.80 per pill, generic Levitra was offered for $2 per pill, and Kamagra was offered for $1.80 per pill. Note that these prices are based on the number of pills that you buy. I cannot say for sure if all the drugs offered by this vendor are FDA approved. This is because they have not given any details about the FDA approval status of their medication. The only med I know is FDA approved for sure is Kamagra. For others, I’m not sure. Moreover, the drugs I have seen on this website appear to be made in India; they ought to be Indian FDA approved.

Additionally, I checked for I tried checking out a product but I could not see what payment methods they accepted. It appears this is not one of the details captured by Web Archive. Nevertheless, I was able to see the shipping options made available to customers by this vendor. The shipping options include International Unregistered Mail and Trackable Courier Service. International Unregistered Mail takes 14 to 21 days to deliver orders to respective addresses and it costs $10. On the other hand, Trackable Courier takes only 5 to 9 days and it costs $30.

One other thing I noticed going through the archived data of was that they had a live chat service. Since there is no means for me to try out the service to see how well it works, I can’t say for sure if it is top-notch. They also made provisions for phone numbers for customers to contact them on; +18005324808 (US toll-free) and +17183131498. You can also contact them through the form on their contact page.

Best-ed-solution Homepage Image

As for the refund policy of this vendor, I have gathered some information. They give refunds for products customers are not satisfied with and for products that fail to arrive. If a customer is not satisfied with the effects of any of their products, the customer has to contact them for a return address where the product would be returned to. The return procedure would start thereafter. Additionally, refunds are guaranteed when a product ordered does not arrive within the specified time for shipping used with the addition of a possible delay of 5 days. Reviews

Sharing what customers have to say about this pharmacy would help a lot to determine how much they should be trusted. For this reason, I tried getting customer reviews of this pharmacy that would point to the level of satisfaction derived from its customers. The only customer reviews I saw were those displayed in the testimonial section of this vendor. There is literally nothing about this vendor on an external website that can point to the quality of service of this vendor. It is, therefore, not incorrect to say that this pharmacy has a low reputation. Below are screenshots of testimonials I got from this vendor’s website. Bear in mind these testimonials are not to be 100% trusted. Since they are part of the content of this website.

Best-ed-solution Testimonial

Allegedly DN is the author of this testimonial, he sounds overly satisfied with this vendor’s service. He commends their customer support team and the efficacy of the meds he received. He tells us that he is “very happy”.

Best-ed-solution Testimonial

Mark is the author of this other testimonial. he also appears to be satisfied. He commends the speed timing of shipping and the efficacy of the pills. He says “pills work great”.

In truth, these reviews are absolutely not genuine. I have come across them on another website. This is why onsite reviews should not be trusted. I mean what is the proof that it was really sent by a customer. Many online pharmacies simply make their own testimonials. Reviews 2018

There are absolutely no reviews from customers published online recently. It is so appalling that I literally could not find anything substantial about this pharmacy from internet sources, save for the data captured by Web Archive. Coupon Codes

I was able to find attractive offers given to customers by this pharmacy. Check out the screenshot I have made for two of the offers.

5% Discount Offer
5% Discount Offer

This screenshot shows that customers get 5% on their second order.

7% Discount Offer
7% Discount Offer

This other screenshot shows that customers get 7% discount on third and subsequent orders. That’s basically a 7% order for life.

Conclusion appears to have great prices for ED medications. Their offers are also quite attractive. The problem I find with this vendor is the fact that it lacks independent reviews, indicating that it has a low reputation. Additionally, its onsite testimonials are not genuine; they appear copied. My recommendation would be to use a pharmacy with a good reputation.

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