We are Best10rx, an independent review platform. We are interested in online drugstores and medicines, and it is our team’s duty to give honest, informative reviews about various vendors in the market today.

Our team

Best10rx is made up of a team of professionals from various industries. While we have different backgrounds, our passion for candor (especially when it comes to internet shopping) has allowed us to desire to create a space for users to be able to read authentic, hands-on reviews for various online vendors.

Who we serve

We’re here for only one reason—to help consumers gain more understanding on how most online drugstores work, and to help motivate consumers to become more sensible in picking the shops they would spend their hard earned money on.

Online pharmacies

While not all online pharmacies in the market are unreliable, there is a good number of web drugstores that buyers should clearly veer away from. Unfortunately, there are no fixed guidelines that would help buyers sift the scammers from the good ones, and this is where the problem lies.

We’re here to help

We have created so buyers can come to our site, search our online pharmacy database, and discover whether a store is good to use or not. We have thousands of reviews in our database and we hope that these can help you find the ideal online drugstore for your generic medicine needs.

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