Review – Decent Online Drugstore Affiliate Is Closed Review – Decent Online Drugstore Affiliate Is Closed was a Canadian online pharmacy that existed from 2012 and eventually closed down somewhere in 2016 or 2017. Very little information is available for its website as the captures made by the web archives may have been made in those times when its site was already on the process of being deconstructed. Truth be told, no one really knows why just disappeared from the web. No notice was left by the on its website before going away, leaving many of its customers disappointed. It was regrettable since it was a decent online pharmacy that sold quality products at good prices. The medicines that it had on its selection were generic meds, drugs which had the same composition and active ingredients as the branded drugs only that these drugs had much lower prices. It pleased customers to order medicines from its site as they were able to save a lot of money, as much as 90% of their usual medicine expenditures. And since the generics which were sold by had the same components as the branded drugs, users also managed to achieve the same great results that the branded drugs gave.

Along with these benefits that the customers got from, they were also able to purchase their meds without providing any prescriptions. Scripts were a norm at the local pharmacies and without them, buyers weren’t allowed to purchase prescription meds. But to spare their clients from time-consuming doctor appointments and expensive professional fees, no longer asked scripts from its customers. allowed its clients to freely purchase prescription medications without providing scripts to their ease and their convenience. This then allowed the customers of to have more free time and spare money for their other needs. But even though its clients were free to order prescription meds from its site, still recommended a proper doctor consultation to its customers before using the meds that they have bought from its site. This was to ensure their safety as the use of prescription drugs without the recommendation and guidance of a medical professional can be risky to the health.

The assortment that had was not as complete as what the local pharmacies had but it sure had the essentials on its selection. What it sold were the meds that were frequently bought by the customers, offering its site as a quick access page for its clients’ drug needs. The available drug categories on its website only number to 40 but these medicine categories were carefully selected in order for the site to cater to the needed medications of their customers. These categories include drugs which are used for allergies, weight loss, asthma, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, hair loss, erectile dysfunction (ED), and many others. All of the medicines under its various drug categories were quality drugs, medicines which were approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for use.

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But among all of these medicine categories that had, the one category that had the most number of bestselling drugs is the one for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. sold generic versions of the most popular ED drug brands such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra and they were all available at very low prices. It sold Viagra pills for as low as $0.84 USD per pill while Cialis generics were at $1.37 USD and Levitra was only $1.87. Compared to the local pharmacy prices, these drugs were cheaper by a very great margin. The average price of the branded ED drugs at the local pharmacies fetch for $75 per pill, a price that not many people could or were willing to spend. What offered to its customers were better alternatives that are not only cheaper but also had the same great effects. Reviews

The search for third-party user reviews for wasn’t fruitful as it appears that no independent pharmacy review site had any first-hand user testimonials for it. The internet offered other website reviews for but as for third-party user reviews, there’s none. These reviews are the ones that we are looking for since these reviews are transparent and are least likely to be fabricated. On-site reviews are still reviews but these reviews may have already been edited or modified by the website that have them to serve its own interests. And since the only available user reviews for are the reviews from its testimonials section, we have no other option but to use them for analysis.

Bestcapill User Reviews

The wide range and competitive pricing of products that had is what pleased Tiffany, 35 years of age. She might have tried buying from other online pharmacies and comparing with others, it appears that the site managed to make it on her top list.

Fabio was happy that he never had to spend a lot of money just to get a cure for his health condition. The meds at were cheap and easy to afford and Fabio was quite satisfied with his experience.

For Rachel, she was amazed at how it was possible for to sell medicines of excellent quality at very low prices. She also adds that really knew how to win clients with its good offers. Reviews 2018

In looking for new reviews for, users would find none since its site has already been closed for a long time. For those who still wish to see how its site looked like when it was still online, they can check out the captures that were made by the web archives. Coupon Codes

Since the site of was already in a bad state when the web archives managed to get some captures, it would no longer be possible for us to see if it had offers to its customers such as freebies or good discounts. Maybe it had some promotional offers back when it was still operational but there’s no way to know for sure.

Conclusion was an online generic medicine source that had a great assortment of cheap and effective drugs. It was established back in 2012 but it just terminated its operations somewhere between 2016 and 2017 for unknown reasons. It was a letdown for many of its clients as it was a decent online drug source. Reliable online pharmacies can be found on our list of top recommended providers.

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