Review – What Happened to This Online Store? Review – What Happened to This Online Store? is now closed. I tried accessing the store but instead of being able to visit the site, I was constantly redirected to a site that had brief information for Best Cure Shop. Top Online Pharmacies, the website I was redirected to, stated that the Best Cure Shop is now closed and that if I wanted to, I can choose among several online drugstores that are quite similar to this closed online pharmacy.

To be able to know more about Best Cure Shop, I had to unearth data from the internet archive since that platform has billions of archived websites and I am positive that the archive has the former Best Cure Shop in store. Turns out, I was right – the store was indeed archived and I was able to catch a glimpse of what Best Cure Shop was like before it went out of business.

I scrounged for information on the web archive to get more details for the Best Cure Shop store. However, unfortunately, the store did not really have information about its location or its date of inception – even if the shop has had an “about us” section, there was nothing specific on it, just general statements that Best Cure Shop was an online drugstore that served international clients with cheaper but high-quality options for their medications. However, I checked the records and I saw that Best Cure Shop was active since 2011 – or at least it was the year that the shop was inputted on the internet archive database.

As for the items sold by the Best Cure Shop store, the shop sold medicines that were actually commonly found at usual online pharmacies. Generic and brand name medicines for medical conditions like fungal infections, high blood pressure, renal diseases, and several others were available at Best Cure Shop. Among all of the products sold by Best Cure Shop though, the ones most popular were the following:

  • Diflucan: $1.19 each pill
  • Female Viagra: $1.36 each pill
  • Cialis Professional: $3.91 each pill
  • Clomid: $0.53 each pill
  • Levitra: $2.35 each pill
  • Zithromax: $0.50 each pill

These medicines, along with every product on the Best Cure Shop website were dispensed to customers even those without prescriptions. According to Best Cure Shop data, customers are able to purchase medicines without sending the Rx but the buyers were encouraged to consult their doctors before purchasing anything from the store.

Concerning payments, the Best Cure Shop accepted ACH E-checks, VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard.

Since some of the parts of Best Cure Shop were inaccessible, I was unable to take a look at its shipping rates and its refund policies. Reviews

I had a hard time looking for Best Cure Shop reviews on the web and I really was unable to find third-party customer testimonials for the Best Cure Shop store. However, I discovered that Best Cure Shop did have on-site reviews available, so I referred to those instead. These were some of the on-site reviews I’ve found on Best Cure Shop:

Best Cure Shop On-Site Reviews
Best Cure Shop On-Site Reviews

A user named Sidney said that Best Cure Shop prices were affordable and has also mentioned that he was able to receive both his orders from Best Cure Shop.

Tony, another user, on the other hand, said that he’s used the Best Cure Shop store to purchase his mom’s diabetes medicines and all in all, he’s had a good run with the shop considering the low prices enforced by Best Cure Shop for its products.

Phil Guess’ review, however, was unlike the first two – he wrote that his order was canceled because his credit card information and shipping address did not coincide. According to him, he’s called the shop two times and the matter was still unresolved. Reviews 2018

The store Best Cure Shop closed down before 2018 so there weren’t really any Best Cure Shop reviews available on the web, so instead of hunting for reviews, I used a third-party website to assess the Best Cure Shop store instead:

Best Cure Shop Assessment from Scamner
Best Cure Shop Assessment from Scamner

The result for the Best Cure Shop store wasn’t at all stellar, as Scamner has determined several problems about the domain All in all, the shop Best Cure Shop was rated only 0% trustworthy by Scamner. According to, customers should refrain from using the store because it’s not too safe to use. Coupon Codes

I checked the former Best Cure Shop store for available coupon codes, but I wasn’t able to find codes for the customers. However, Best Cure Shop has offered several deals for its buyers, as illustrated in the image below:

Best Cure Shop Cialis Promo
Best Cure Shop Cialis Promo

According to the Best Cure Shop deals, returning buyers were entitled to 10% discounts on their next orders. Apart from this, Best Cure Shop also offered the following:

  • Free Viagra pills or ED trial pack depending on the number of pills ordered
  • Free shipping for orders more than $200


Best Cure Shop has now closed down and though there was information for the web on the internet archive, the store did not have third-party reviews for its service. There were on-site reviews for Best Cure Shop, but although most of them were great, there were several complaints there too.

Because Best Cure Shop is now closed, there’s nothing more to do but to recommend the use of other online pharmacies, like the ones included on our list of Top Web Drugstores, instead of waiting for Best Cure Shop to go back online.

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