Review – A Cheap but Probably Not Reliable Med Store Review – A Cheap but Probably Not Reliable Med Store is an online med store that does not state when it was founded. However, its copyright section does indicate 2013. Given that we are in 2018, I thought that this is the year when the pharmacy was founded. I checked using domain scanning websites and managed to determine that the pharmacy has been online for approximately 5 years which means it was established in 2013. The pharmacy does not state where it is located. According to domain scanning websites, the pharmacy appears to be located in the United Kingdom.

The pharmacy name hints that the pharmacy sells erectile dysfunction medications only. This is not the only medications the drugstore does sell although they do appear on top of the pharmacy bestsellers page. The drugstore has a wide catalog. Other medications available in the catalog include blood pressure medication, healthy bone medication, pain relief, skin care meds, weight loss medication, stop smoking drugs, arthritis medication, cardiovascular drugs and more.

Purchasing meds at is affordable. I checked the price of the erectile dysfunction drugs put much focus on. A pill of generic Viagra cost its buyers only $0.67. Generic Cialis is worth $0.89 while generic Levitra can be purchased at a price of $1.81. While this price might be higher than in some of the online pharmacies I have come across, the drugstore is over 95% cheaper than the local pharmacies. The drugstore does not have brand medications. However, the pills sells have already received approval from the FDA.

The drugstore accepts payments via credit cards only. Credit cards make paying for meds safer. The accepted credit cards include VISA, JCB, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. The drugstore claims that their customer’s credit card will not be charged until the drugs the customer has ordered have been shipped. However, the drugstore will put a hold on an amount of money equivalent to the ordered medication on the buyer’s credit card.

Canceling of orders can only happen before the order has been approved. The drugstore pointed out that for more information, buyers need to read their shipping terms page. When I tried this page, I found that it was not working. I did not appreciate the fact that FAQ page is an image instead of a normal page with typed text.

After paying for medications, will use either Registered Mail or Courier Mail Service to deliver medication. The Courier-Mail Service will deliver medications in a maximum of 7 days while the Registered Mail will take approximately 7 to 20 days before medications arrive if the buyer has a tracking ID and between 21 to 28 days if the buyer does not have a tracking ID. I couldn’t determine the shipping cost since shipping terms page was not loading. does not have a live chat option. However, the pharmacy does have a phone number and a contact page where buyers get to fill out a contact form and send the drugstore an email. The phone number buyers can use is +1 844 226 6342. The drugstore indicates that the customer support services are provided on a 24/7 basis. Reviews does not have a customer testimonials page. I almost thought that the drugstore did not have testimonials since there were none on third-party review-collecting sites until I added some meds to the cart. Here I found numerous customer testimonials. Here are some of them:

Big-ed-sale Reviews

Frank reported that has the best prices. He has been purchasing his meds online for a while. He finds that is the best in terms of customer support services, prices, and fast delivery. The drugstore did package Frank’s meds in a discreet package.

Calvin bought Cialis from even though he never had an issue with getting erections. After receiving the Cialis pills, he managed to make his girlfriend happy. She loved it. Calvin says that his pocket loved the Cialis he received which is probably because it was affordable. He saved over 90%.

Onsite reviews should not be trusted. They can be fake or copied from other pharmacies. The reviews a buyer should trust are supposed to be available on third-party review-collecting sites. Reviews 2018

Since I could not tell which reviews were written in 2018 and which ones were not, I had to use scanning programs to scan Here are the results:

Big-ed-sale Review

The first program I used is The website showed that is 0% trustworthy. The program did not recommend buying or browsing on the site.

Big-ed-sale Report

LegitScript indicated that is not an approved e-store. After scanning it, the drugstore did not appear to be following all the standard requirements an online drugstore has to adhere to for it to be considered as being genuine. Coupon Codes

My search for coupon codes did not locate anything. However, on adding some Viagra pills to the cart, I found some offers. I have captured some of them below:

Big-ed-sale Offers

After adding my pills to the cart, the drugstore indicated that I had gotten an automatic $5 discount. On top of this, the drugstore included 10 free Viagra pills. The drugstore topped it off with free courier shipping which was being offered to all buyers purchasing meds worth more than $200.

Conclusion is a pharmacy I find hard to trust yet as the drugstore does not have proven reviews. The drugstore does have some nice qualities though. It is over 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies. Its catalog carries almost every medication buyers will need. Under each category, there are numerous medications to choose from. This makes it easier for online shoppers to make a decision.

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