Review: Another Store That Was Closed Down Review: Another Store That Was Closed Down is another mail order pharmacy which has closed shop and its website disabled. The headquarters was located in Germany and according to the information available its operation began in 2010. There is no report indicating that was verified by any of the bodies that regulate online pharmacies. All the drugs sold had been approved by the FDA and all of them were brand medications. used to sell different types of medications such as Antibiotics, Contraceptives, Men’s Health, Allergy, Migraine Medications, Parkinson’s Medications, Schizophrenia, Sleep Medications, Antidepressants, and Blood Pressure Medications, among others. The information regarding the prices of some of the brand medications such as the brand Viagra and the brand Cialis is unavailable since the website has been disabled and this information is unavailable on the web archives. Information about the requirement for a prescription is unavailable due to the inaccessibility of the website.

Regarding the payment of medications, had given several options to their customers which included Credit Card, Debit Card or Money Transfer. It is not known if the customers who felt the need to cancel their order were given a chance to do this.

The information about the shipping, how much the customers used to pay for this service, and how long the customers had to wait before the delivery of their orders is not available on any online platform. The shipping methods that customers would choose from were DHL, Express Mail Service, USPS, and Royal Mail and customers from all over the world were able to order from and have the orders delivered.

I tried searching for information about what happened if the delivery of the order failed or the medications were delivered in a condition that they could not be taken but this information was not available as well.

Communication between and the customers was carried out via email or a live chat option. Since these two means of communication are no longer working, it is not possible to know how reliable was when it came to responding to the customers’ messages. A phone number had also been provided through which customers would talk to the support staff which was +44 2034110420. Reviews

Though the website that hosted is not functional, I found some on-site testimonials from some of the clients who had an opportunity to buy medications from them. All reviews were positive and the clients had given a 5* rating to for their prices, quality of the medications and the services that were offered to them.

Catriona was happy to have purchased from as the products delivered were of the right quality and the delivery was very fast. She was also glad that the support team was very helpful in the entire process of placing the order. AS a result of the wonderful services, she had promised to place another order.

Christina who also gave a 5* rating said that the pills were delivered within the agreed time and the customer service team kept updating her on the progress of the order until the delivery was done. According to this client, every transaction was carried out in a transparent manner. She had promised to keep purchasing medications from

Paul S had been a customer at for over 4 years and the products sold to him are always very effective and he does not suffer from any negative reactions after taking them. When it comes to the delivery time, always kept their word and ensured that it was done on time.

Peter from the United States said that the services that he used to get from were excellent. He did not have to wait for too long before his order was delivered and as a result, he gave a 5* rating.

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Though all these reviews sound convincing and truthful, it is not possible to verify if they were submitted by actual customers. Most of the online pharmacies will fake reviews so that they can attract more customers. Reviews 2018 was closed down years ago and this means no business has been ongoing for a while. There are no recent reviews but to know more about how it operated, I searched for the report on scam advisor and it was indicated that the site was suspicious. There was also a malware report for the website that hosted

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Buyeumeds Discounts had only a single offer but it was a huge saving for the customers who were able to meet the terms that have been set in order to qualify for the offer.

If a customer purchased medications and paid for them via money transfer, they were given a 50% extra pills for the total purchased made. For instance, if a customer purchased 100 pills and paid for them via money transfer, he would be given 50 free pills of the medications he had purchased.

Conclusion has been closed down and the information available is not sufficient to help us know what kind of services the customers used to get. The prices of the medications that used to be sold at are unavailable making it hard to know if customers were able to save when purchasing from them or they were charged a high price for the drugs. The 50% discount is commendable as it was a great saving for the customers who were able to fulfill the requirement. The unavailability of independent reviews means that we cannot conclusively tell if was reliable or just another rogue website that was out to take advantage of the desperate customers looking for cheap medications online. Those who used to benefit from getting their medical needs met by ought to look for another online pharmacy. To help you make an appropriate choice, our list of Top Web Drugstores is available where only the best online drugstores are listed.

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