Review – A Pharmacy with a Large Number of Unsatisfied Customers Review – A Pharmacy with a Large Number of Unsatisfied Customers

Just as its name suggests, has its location in Canada. The drugstore does not indicate when it was established. I managed to locate reviews for the pharmacy dating back to the year 2010. This means that the drugstore has been online for at least 8 years. The pharmacy sells medications which have already received approval from the FDA.

The Canada Express Mall catalog is extensive. The meds I found on the catalog include erectile dysfunction medications, diabetic medication, antibiotics, antivirals, arthritis drugs, blood pressure drugs, pain relief pills, hypnotherapy drugs, and others. To determine whether purchasing meds at would save any buyer money, I decided to check the price of the ED pills being sold on the drugstore. I found the pharmacy to be affordable. The pills were expensive than some of the online pharmacies I have come across but extremely cheap when compared to the price at which the local pharmacies sell the brand pills. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.88, generic Cialis is worth $1.11 per tablet while generic Levitra will cost buyers $1.80. This is over 95% cheaper than the local pharmacies.

The drugstore does have pleasant payment methods. Buyers need to pay using credit cards only. The accepted credit cards include Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, JCB, and Diners Club. Paying with credit cards helps the buyer have peace of mind since he or she will know that if the meds fail to get delivered, he or she can dispute the charges. As soon as the order has been placed, puts a hold on the money required to cover the medication cost. The pharmacy, however, charges the card after the medications have been shipped. Canceling of orders is allowed only before the products have been shipped.

Shipping is done via two major ways. These are the EMS and the Airmail methods. Buyers who need their products to get to them faster are supposed to use the EMS method. This shipping method will take approximately 10 days to deliver medications. Airmail delivery will take approximately 21 to 28 days if the buyer does not have a tracking ID. If the buyer does have a tracking ID, the delivery method will take 10 to 21 days to deliver drugs.

Getting to the customer support department working for the Canada Express Mall can be done either via the email or via the phone. To send an email, buyers are supposed to load the contact page and fill out the contact form available. To reach the customer support department via a call, buyers can use the toll-free number +1 855 427 7780. Reviews

My attempt to locate testimonials available on third-party review-collecting websites were successful. I managed to locate reviews written by real people narrating their experience with on an external website. These reviews to me are trustworthy given that cannot manipulate them. As you will see below, most of the reviewers are not happy with the services offered by

Canada-express-mall Reviews

The first reviewer who wrote his review 5 years ago reported that is a scam drugstore. He advises buyers to stay away from the drugstore since the pharmacy is not a legit online pharmacy. He immediately canceled his credit card when he started noticing some fishy things happening to his card after using it to pay for meds at He advises buyers to be aware.

The second reviewer reports that he ordered his products about 2 months ago. Since then, nothing has been delivered. He has called three different times. The drugstore has given him multiple tracking numbers which don’t work. He has been frustrated. He had to call his credit card company and request for a refund. called him and told him that his order had been shipped and he shouldn’t have asked for a refund. The buyer had spent more money on another source. He had to inform the pharmacy that he wouldn’t allow them to take any of his money before his medications got delivered. He indicated that he wouldn’t use the drugstore again. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any reviews written in 2018 for However, I captured more reviews available for the drugstore even though they didn’t have any dates indicating they were written in 2018. Here are the reviews:

Canada-express-mall Reviews

Joel tried ordering from The drugstore told him that they do not ship medications to Canada. They indicated they only shipped to physical addresses in the US. Overall, he did not have a bad experience with the pharmacy. The only thing he did not like is the fact that does not ship in Canada although it is located in Canada.

Benjamin enjoyed ordering meds from the customer support department helped him when he needed help. The delivered goods had great quality. The order took a long time to arrive. Coupon Codes does not have coupon codes. However, the pharmacy has some offers. I have captured the offers below:

Canada-express-mall Offers

The drugstore offers free erectile dysfunction pills when the buyer pays for over 60 ED pills. The drugstore offers free standard Airmail shipping for orders worth more than $150. For orders costing more than $300, buyers get to enjoy free EMS shipping. The prices for each pill reduce as the number of purchased pills increase.

Conclusion has mixed reactions from previous customers. The drugstore failed to deliver some of the customer’s medications while it tried to charge other customer’s credit cards fraudulently. The drugstore does have affordable prices and accepts credit cards as the only payment method. This means that buyers get a chance to dispute their charges which keeps them feeling safe even after placing their order.

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