Review – A Decade-Old Canadian Pharmacy with No Proof of Quality Services Review – A Decade-Old Canadian Pharmacy with No Proof of Quality Services

Canadian Pharmacy FDA is yet another online drugstore that claims to have its location in Canada. The drugstore has been offering its services for approximately a decade. was established back in the year 2008. Just like the drugstore name suggests, the only medications I found on the drugstore website have already received approval from the FDA.

The pharmacy catalog is actually wide. Some of the meds I found on the catalog include allergy medication, antibacterial, depression medication, anticonvulsants, asthma pills, erectile dysfunction pills, cancer medication, diuretics, diabetes drugs, and more. I liked the fact that Canadian Pharmacy FDA made sure that almost everyone got his or her meds on the store.

Whether a pharmacy has numerous meds on its catalog or not won’t matter to someone who is under a budget if the meds are not affordable. I decided to check the price of the erectile dysfunction pills being sold at A pill of brand Viagra is worth $9.36. Generic Cialis is worth $1.34 while generic Viagra is sold at a price of $0.84 per tablet. Generic Levitra will cost men who prefer fast acting vardenafil $1.82. The drugstore is affordable. It is worth noting that prices available at are not the lowest. I have come across cheaper online pharmacies

The pharmacy accepts three main payment methods. These are credit cards, E-Check, and the bank wire transfer. The credit cards accepted by the drugstore include Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Discover. Buyers can also use debit cards to pay for their drugs. I always recommend the use of credit cards to pay for meds online since this is the safest payment method. Buyers who use the method can always get their money back by disputing it. Knowing that you will have the ability to get your money back is extremely important. Sometimes, you may deal with a pharmacy that looks real to you only to find out later that the pharmacy was actually fake.

After paying for medications, buyers are allowed to cancel the order within a period of 24 hours. If an order cancel request is sent after the 24 hours have passed, the medications will still get shipped. Medications are sourced from India and are either sent via the airmail method or via the EMS method. While I couldn’t determine the money buyers are supposed to spend on the airmail shipping method, I managed to determine that the EMS shipping option will cost $29.95. The EMS option takes approximately 5 to 9 days before the meds arrive while the Airmail shipping method will take 2 to 3 business weeks.

When buying, having the ability to contact the drugstore is always extremely important. I did not like the fact that buyers did not have the chance to use a live chat to contact However, the pharmacy did offer a contact page where buyers could send them an email by filling out a contact form. Also, the pharmacy has 2 phone numbers. The first number is +1 866 503 4818 (US) and the second number is +44 870 490 0618 which is for the UK customers. The drugstore offers customer support services for 24 hours every day of the week. Reviews

My search for testimonials on third-party websites did not have any luck. The drugstore, however, did have a testimonials page. I checked it out and found positive reviews on the page. I have captured some of these reviews below:

Canadian-pharmacy-fda Testimonials

Jane Saunders reported that the pills she received from were effective. After taking the pills, she did not have to deal with unpleasant side effects. Carmel reported that she managed to get help which was both quick and kind. Mrs. Antonetti says that made the difference between life and death for her.

The above reviews could have been crafted by the management in an attempt to make sure that buyers are enticed to purchase their meds from the pharmacy. They could have been copied from another pharmacy or made up. Trusting onsite testimonials is not recommended. I have seen a fair number of online pharmacies with positive onsite testimonials which later turned to be scam sites. Reviews 2018

The reviews available at do not have dates. This made it impossible for me to isolate the reviews written in 2018. I have captured some extra reviews from the website although they may have been written earlier than 2018:

Canadian-pharmacy-fda User Comments

Tiffany who is in her mid-thirties reported that is offering a wide range of products. She enjoyed the competitive pricing the pharmacy offers. Fabio who is in his mid-forties reports that helped him find a cure without having to spend a fortune. Rachel who is in her late thirties got high-quality medication at the lowest price she would consider as being sane. Coupon Codes

I did not manage to locate any coupon codes for What I managed to find is bonuses and offers available on the website. I have captured these offers below:

Canadian-pharmacy-fda Offers

If a buyer managed to find an online pharmacy that sold its medication at a lower price than, the drugstore offered to beat this price and offer the buyer a 10% discount. The drugstore allows its buyers to enjoy free bonus pills. The pills added as a bonus are erectile dysfunction pills. When an order exceeds $200, the buyer will get free shipping via the standard airmail delivery.

Conclusion has average prices. They are not the lowest, however, they are affordable. The drugstore has been online for a long time. This means that there is a probability it offers high-quality services. However, the pharmacy lacks proven testimonials. Its onsite reviews could be fake. Hence, trusting the drugstore is not recommended.

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