Review – A Pharmacy Affiliate Site with Fairly Affordable Prices Review – A Pharmacy Affiliate Site with Fairly Affordable Prices is yet another pharmacy claiming to have its physical location in Canada. Honestly speaking, I have been finding a large number of web drugstores which claim to have their location in Canada. While Canadian pharmacies have always been much cheaper than local pharmacies, a large number of the online pharmacies tend to be fake. Today, I decided to take a deeper look at the Canadian Select.

This pharmacy has no information on its website indicating when it was founded. The drugstore appears to be armed with almost every medication people would need. Including, what they call party pills. The drugstore catalog is made up of medications such as anti-acids, asthma medication, diabetes pills, blood pressure drugs, medications to help in promoting bone health, pain relief medication, skin care pills, sleeping aids, weight loss medication, and more.

The pharmacy is fairly affordable. The drugstore appeared to be putting too much effort into advertising erectile dysfunction pills. I, therefore, decided to check the price at which the erectile dysfunction pills are sold. A pill of generic Viagra is worth $0.89, generic tadalafil or what most people know as Cialis is worth $1.53 per pill while generic Levitra will cost the buyer $1.81. Sure, I have come across cheaper online pharmacies. But, this does not cancel the fact that is over 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies.

The payment methods a company uses online is always a major concern for me. I had to, therefore, determine the main methods buyers are supposed to use when they are purchasing their meds at Canadian Select. At the bottom of each page, indicated that they do accept all major debit and credit cards. At his point, the credit card icons I saw are for the JCB, Mastercard, Visa, and Diners Club. Payment via credit card is the only method of making transactions online I support. After paying for something online, I would still get the chance to get my money back if the company failed to keep its end of the bargain and deliver the products I paid for. All I would need to do is contact the credit card provider and dispute the charge.

Shipping is done via either Registered airmail or Express Courier service. The EMS method is the fastest. Medications shipped via this method will take approximately 7 to 10 days to arrive. When the buyer wants to use the cheaper Registered Airmail method, he or she would have to wait for a little bit longer. The method will take approximately 12 to 20 days. The cost for the Registered Airmail method is $14.95. The Express Courier will cost the buyer $29.95.

After delivering medications, does accept returns. If a buyer is not satisfied with the quality of medication which got delivered to him or her, all he/she has to do is contact the Canadian Select customer support department for instructions on how to return the medications. The medications have to be returned while still packaged in their original package. After the return has been approved, the buyer will get a refund within a period of 5 business days. To contact the customer support department, buyers can use either +1 855 427 7780 (US) or +44 28 9454 8771 (UK). Reviews

I had to look for the testimonials written by buyers who have used I was surprised to realize that the pharmacy has 0 zero reviews on its website and zero reviews on third-party reviews collecting websites. This to me is not a great sign. I have come across numerous online pharmacies. The pharmacies which turned out to be great always had nice testimonials on third-party review-collecting websites.

I never trust onsite testimonials for one simple reason: they are untrustworthy. The drugstore can craft fake positive testimonials to make you buy from the pharmacy so that you can get scammed. When looking for testimonials, check them on third-party reviews websites. If you can’t find any testimonials for an online pharmacy, the best thing to do is avoid the online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

It’s 2018, the best way to determine how a certain pharmacy is operating is to find its 2018 reviews. These reviews are not available for I had to use an alternative method which involved scanning on various domain scanning programs. Here are the results:

Canadianselect Scam Adviser Report

The first thing I noticed is that is hiding its real location. Great pharmacies never hide their real location. The drugstore has a 0% trust rating. Buying from the drugstore is extremely risky. Getting fake meds or nothing after paying is a possibility. Your credit card getting charged fraudulently is another possibility. After scanning using, the website returned results indicating the drugstore is not an approved e-pharmacy. Coupon Codes

I never managed to find even a single coupon code for That is because none is available. The drugstore, however, does have some special offers. I have captured these below:

Canadianselect Bonuses

As long as the buyer’s package has more than 30 pills, he/she will get free Viagra pills. The number of bonus pills increases as the number of pills the buyer is purchasing increase with the maximum number being 10 pills. The shipping is paid for as long as the medications purchased by the buyer are worth more than 150 dollars.

Conclusion is a pharmacy I wouldn’t place on my list of online pharmacies to recommend. The drugstore has no record of offering great services and it has been labeled as being untrustworthy by two different domain scanning programs. While the drugstore has fairly affordable prices and nice payment methods, buying from the drugstore still remains not recommended.

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