Easypillorders.com Review – Existence and Disappearance a Mystery

Easypillorders.com Review – Existence and Disappearance a Mystery

Very little information was known about Easy Pill Orders. All we know is that it was once an online pharmacy that existed on the web, selling quality medicines to customers at low prices. It’s puzzling that even the web archives, the site where billions of websites are cached, the information for Easy Pill Orders can’t be found. For me, this only means one thing; Easy Pill Orders have only existed for a very short period of time and that period of time wasn’t even enough for the crawler of the web archives to capture even just a few images of its site. This leaves us with no other option but to try and gather as much information we can from the internet because somehow, there might be other websites that offer relevant information concerning its site.

The image above has a date and it says September 27, 2016. This at least gives us an idea that the site existed and disappeared somewhere in 2016. But as for the time that it was established and the time that it was taken down, we have no leads as to what those exact dates were. But we can be sure that what Easy Pill Orders sold were generic medicines, drugs that have the same active ingredients as the branded drugs but have much lower prices. Generics were the medicines that was offered by Easy Pill Orders due to the fact that these were easier to sell and that these meds have the same effects and benefits as the branded meds. Compared to the prices that the branded medications had at local pharmacies, the generic drugs were 80% to 90% cheaper. This gave customers a great savings opportunity that allowed them to buy more and save big at the same time.

Based on the only capture of Easy Pill Orders available, we can assume that its customers had the choice to anonymously purchase their medicines. Yes, Easy Pill Orders had a login page where its clients that have signed up have logged in before they made their purchases but its customers were not required to go through this process just to purchase.

Easy Pill Orders Login Button
Easy Pill Orders Login Button

We have a reason to believe that it had a guest purchase option available for those customers who wanted to keep their personal info confidential. But for those that have registered for an account on its website, Easy Pill Orders offered a good 10% discount on the total amount of their orders, something that anonymous customers were not able to avail.

The market that Easy Pill Orders catered to was international. It served customers from different parts of the world, providing them quality but easy-to-afford medicines. And since its market scope was global, we can rightly assume that its customer service hotlines worked round the clock in order for them to provide assistance to customers from different time zones. Its site had two customer service hotlines and the first one was +1 855 305 9027, a toll-free hotline exclusive to US customers, and the other was +9 542 514 717 for the rest of the world. We can also see that it had a Contact Us page on its site, a page that was made available for those customers who had no means of contacting its site through phone. Usually, what’s inside the Contact Us page are forms that have to be filled out by the customers along with their concerns or questions. After sending the forms, they will be receiving the response on their emails. With this as a basis, we can conclude that the Contact Us page of Easy Pill Orders was for email correspondence with its clients.

Easypillorders.com Reviews

Due to the short period of existence of Easy Pill Orders, it appears that the site didn’t have enough time to at least be reviewed by its customers. Its site had no testimonials section where these reviews could’ve been found. The internet was also not very helpful when it came to third-party reviews for Easy Pill Orders as this information simply didn’t exist on the web. No independent pharmacy review websites offered any third-party reviews for Easy Pill Orders which meant that it was not that popular when it existed. This was kind of surprising, considering that the site offered its customers privileges such as free deliveries of their orders and log-in discounts.

These reviews could’ve helped us understand what kind of site Easy Pill Orders really is. The first-hand reviews from its customers could’ve given us an insight into how it served customers and how it delivered its promises to its clients. These reviews could’ve also shown us the negative side of its site, showing us its weak points and its strengths. But since these reviews aren’t available, we can only guess what kind of pharmacy site it really was. Its disappearance was also a mystery because it didn’t even make announcements or even left a notice on its site that it would be going away, at least notifying its customers to give them a heads-up. Its site just silently disappeared without warning.

Easypillorders.com Reviews 2018

As mentioned earlier, Easy Pill Orders disappeared without any reviews and that makes it highly unlikely to have any new reviews. Its site is no longer active and its IP address is already disabled. Visiting its page would only give the users a blank page.

Easypillorders.com Coupon Codes

Obtaining the 10% discount offered by Easy Pill Orders only required its customers to sign-up for an account and log-in on its page when they made their purchases. Purchasing on its site without an account was also possible but it would mean that the users won’t be getting any discounts.

Easy Pill Orders 10% Discount Offer
Easy Pill Orders 10% Discount Offer


Easy Pill Orders was an online pharmacy whose existence and disappearance was a mystery as it didn’t even have a single record on the web archives. But we, fortunately, found some from a different source on the web and that was all that can be found. This allowed us to know that it was a store that sold medicines at affordable prices, even offering to ship worldwide free of any delivery charges. For reliable online medicine sources, customers should check our top recommended providers.

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