Edpills4life.net Review – A Niche Site Offering Males Solutions to ED at a Fairly Affordable Price

Edpills4life.net Review – A Niche Site Offering Males Solutions to ED at a Fairly Affordable Price

Edpills4life.net is not an online pharmacy that has a physical location. The drugstore is an affiliate marketing website. What this means is that the website is run by a bigger online pharmacy just to help collect orders. There is nothing on Edpills4life.net to point out when this pharmacy was established or where it is run from. Edpills4life.net is a niche pharmacy for males only. It focuses on selling medications men need to treat erectile dysfunction just like the drugstore name suggests. I could not locate any brand medications on the drugstore. However, the pharmacy did have a large number of generic versions of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The medications available on Edpills4life.net have already received approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Edpills4life is affordable. A pill of generic Cialis is worth $1.30 while vardenafil containing pills are sold at a price of only $1.50. Generic sildenafil citrate will cost males $0.69. This is not the lowest price available online. Buyers looking to save as much money as possible will have the ability to get cheaper pharmacies. Payments are made using credit cards in the pharmacy. The drugstore did not indicate the exact credit cards buyers are supposed to use. I had to assume that buyers are free to use any credit card they have. The drugstore charges the credit card immediately the customer submits his or her order. Orders are approved as soon as the payment is authorized.

Shipment is done via 2 main methods. These are the express international mail and standard international airmail. The express international mail is thrice the price of the standard international airmail. It costs $30. While this shipping method is more expensive than what other pharmacies charge for the shipping method, it has some benefits. Buyers can track their order and the delivery takes approximately 5 to 9 days. The airmail method takes 10 to 21 days and does not have tracking. The cost of the shipping is $10.

If a buyer has placed an order but then feels like he/she needs to cancel, the buyer has exactly 24 hours to cancel the order. After that, the pharmacy will have processed the order. After order processing has been done, there is no going back. The pharmacy does allow medication returns. If a buyer receives his meds and after using them he realizes that they are not producing the effect he had been looking forward to, he or she can communicate with the customer support department to get the return address. The drugstore refunds lost products and returned products. The refund procedure may take approximately 5 to 7 days.

Contacting Edpills4life.net is extremely easy. The drugstore does have a live chat option that works 24/7. I tried It out. I managed to have a chat with a customer support agent called Ann. Here is the chat we had:

Edpills4life.net Live Chat

The pharmacy does have phone numbers buyers can use. These include +1 800 532 4808 (US toll-free) and +1 718 475 9088.

Edpills4life.net Reviews

I could not locate Edpills4life.net reviews written on third-party review-collecting websites. What I did get are testimonials available on the official drugstore. As you would expect, all the reviews were positive. They made the drugstore look flawless. There are fake pharmacies which contain fake testimonials. These are crafted with an aim to get you to pay for meds. The drugstore will take your money and then you will never hear from the drugstore. Some pharmacies will go ahead and deliver fake pills. Here are the testimonials available on Edpills4life.net. These shouldn’t be trusted 100%:

Edpills4life.net Reviews

David did receive his order. He will be ordering again from Edpills4life.net. The pills he received worked perfectly for him. His wife was more than surprised by the results. David felt as if he was back to his 18-year-old self again.

Mark received his order and it got delivered on time. The pills he received worked perfectly. The pills elevated his sex life such that he reports that his wife and everything in his bedroom thanked the drugstore.

Edpills4life.net Reviews 2018

As you have probably noticed in the reviews captured above, the testimonials available on Edpills4life.net do not have any dates on them. Determining when the reviews were written is not possible. There is a possibility the reviews I have captured below were never written in 2018:

Edpills4life.net Testimonials

Both DN and his girlfriend were happy with the results the erectile dysfunction pills he received from Edpills4life.net produced. Brian is happy with the impressive service that Edpills4life.net offered. His pills were delivered within a period of 7 days. He will be ordering from Edpills4life.net. He promised to get the word about Edpills4life.net excellent service out to his friends.

Edpills4life.net Coupon Codes

Edpills4life.net does not have coupon codes. However, the pharmacy does have some nice offers. These include the ones I have captured below:

Edpills4life.net Bonuses

If a buyer purchases medication for the second time at Edpills4life.net, he will receive a 5% discount. If the buyer orders more than twice, he will be getting a constant 7% discount. When a buyer orders more than 20 erectile dysfunction pills, he or she will receive 4 extra Viagra soft pills for free. Buying more than 60 ED pills gives the buyer a chance to get 10 free Viagra pills while 100 ED pills get the buyer an additional 20 free Viagra pills. Free standard airmails shipping is offered when a buyer purchases 170 pills.


Edpills4life.net looks like a nice drugstore to order ED pills from. The drugstore has no negative comments online. However, the drugstore does not have proven reviews. This is the main reason why recommending it wouldn’t be a great choice. The pharmacy has affordable prices and nice payment options.

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