Justbe-healthy.com Review – Details for this Former Store were Incomplete

Justbe-healthy.com Review – Details for this Former Store were Incomplete

Justbe-healthy.com is now inaccessible – I just checked out the store recently and instead of seeing the store, I was greeted by an error message. Because this was the case, I checked the web for possible references to this online pharmacy, but unfortunately, this online drugstore did not have any online information available, except for the web archive records with some of the Just Be Healthy website screenshots.

I was fortunate to have been able to spot the Just Be Healthy archive records, although I found it super disappointing because the saved shots for the site were not too welcoming. The shop was basically all text (with literally no graphics) and most of its sections were missing. The only things clear on the website were its most popular products, its categories, and some broken FAQ facts.

Concerning the most popular items in the shop, the store was known for the following:

  • Strattera Atomoxetine: $3.75 each pill
  • Medrol Methylprednisolone: $0.81 each pill
  • Viagra Sildenafil Citrate: $0.22 each pill
  • Cialis Tadalafil: $0.82 each pill
  • Viagra Super Active: $1.06 each pill

Products found on this store were purchased even without prescriptions, as the Just Be Healthy shop allowed no Rx purchases from its consumers. Concerning the FDA approval status, according to Just Be Healthy, all of its medicines are accredited by the FDA and were therefore safe and effective to use.

Orders over $200 were shipped free by the Just Be Healthy shop. For orders below the threshold, customers were made to choose between regular and express shipping, depending on their preference for the shipping time. Payments accepted by the store were the common VISA and MasterCard.

Just Be Healthy left the online world without a trace and did not have customer reviews on various platforms, which made it hard for me to conclude whether the store was safe to use or not. However, given the store’s short operation length, I believe the shop was not really a popular store and has perhaps closed down due to low revenue.

Justbe-healthy.com Reviews

I have found reviews for the store Just Be Healthy, but only on-site, since the shop did not have any buyer comments or testimonials published on third-party sources. Although somewhat disappointing, I am quite used to shops not having online reviews on other review platforms since this was the norm with online pharmacies. As for the reviews, here are some of the Just Be Healthy on-site testimonials:

Just Be Healthy On-Site Reviews
Just Be Healthy On-Site Reviews

Customers who have written their reports on Just Be Healthy were all amazed at the service rendered them by the shop. According to the reviews on Just Be Healthy, buyers were all able to receive their orders from the shop and not only that – buyers also have confirmed that the medicines they have purchased from the web pharmacy were effective for their medical conditions. Overall, buyers wrote that they would recommend the shop or order again from the platform.

However, since these reviews were only on-site testimonials, they aren’t too reliable – perhaps most of the reviews on Just Be Healthy were just published by the store’s own staff since it’s difficult to confirm if these reviews were genuine or not.

Justbe-healthy.com Reviews 2018

Just Be Healthy has closed down in the year 2018 and hence did not have buyer reviews available. I checked the web for additional information on this web pharmacy and the store has turned up with nothing – there were no buyer reviews for the shop available on third-party sources. However, Just Be Healthy information was present on assessment platforms:

Just Be Health Online Drugstore Assessment Report
Just Be Health Online Drugstore Assessment Report

According to the assessment report for Just Be Healthy, the store did not own an SSL certificate and it was marked as a spam store in the past. Also, according to the report, the website’s owner is detected to use a concealment service to hide its company details.

Justbe-healthy.com Coupon Codes

I have checked the records of the Just Be Healthy store but I haven’t found coupon codes and similar offers on the platform. However, the store, just like common online pharmacies, has offered low prices to consumers with more orders for a specific product. For instance, buyers with orders of 100 pills of Clomid were given lower prices than customers with orders of only 10 pills.

Since the shop Just Be Healthy’s sections weren’t all accessible, I wasn’t able to know if there were other deals existing on the platform. I can only assume that the store was also able to offer free shipping, free pills, and special discounts for buyers able to satisfy certain conditions.


Just Be Healthy, by far, is one of the stores with the least online information. Although the shop had data on the web archive platform, the store’s data was incomplete – the store’s screenshots were just plain text and most of the store’s sections were missing or inaccessible.

The shop did have on-site testimonials but they couldn’t accurately represent the store’s overall performance because they are a bit biased given their origin. Overall, I can’t put my finger around this store’s reliability, considering the store’s lack of solid reviews from its former clients. Since the store’s now closed, I think it’s better for buyers to look for other online sources for their medicines, preferably stores like the ones included on our roster of TOP Web Drugstores for the year.

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