Review – One of the First Online Drugstores in the Business Review – One of the First Online Drugstores in the Business was an online drugstore that’s now inaccessible. It’s sad because this online pharmacy was one of the earliest online drugstores I’ve known – according to the information I’ve found on the internet for the Medical Pills store, the shop was incepted in 1998, a time when online pharmacies were still unpopular. There is no online information for Medical Pills’ disappearance, but it seems that the store just went out of business and receded into oblivion without leaving a trace.

It is not unusual for stores like Medical Pills to exist for some time and end up closing down eventually. This seems to be a thing with online drugstores – they tend to run for some time and regardless of their runtime, they eventually close down without warning the customers.

I checked for Medical Pills reviews on the web, but the store literally had nothing. Although Medical Pills did have records on the web archive site, the store wasn’t included in the list of shops with web assessment information and the shop did not receive blogger attention and nonetheless did not have author reviews for its service.

I was only able to discover some information about the store through the web archive and frankly, there wasn’t really much for Medical Pills on there. However, I saw that the shop was really primitive-looking – perhaps because it was created in 1998. The store had a leaner product line-up compared to modern online pharmacies – the shop only offered medicines for sexual health, weight loss, hair loss, and a couple more others. It seems that Medical Pills has only dealt with brand name products since although the store’s prices were cheaper than the usual local drugstore prices, the shop did have more expensive prices than most of the drugstores today. For instance, instead of the usual less than a dollar per pill price for Viagra, the store offered the brand name product for at least $129.50 (that’s for 10 tablets). Nevertheless, the store did assure the buyers that all of the medicines they purchase from the shop were the real deal – brand-name drugs with real FDA approvals (well, since they’re genuine products).

Medical Pills provided online consultations in the form of medical assessment questions, so buyers were able to purchase medicines from the store without providing their prescriptions. As for the shipping, the store may have only catered to US residents. Reviews

There were no online reviews for the Medical Pills – I checked the web but there were no customer references to Medical Pills anywhere on the web. Review sites did not have anything for the store and even bloggers had no articles for this web pharmacy.

On-site reports for the Medical Pills store were also unavailable and the site did not have a dedicated section for the reviews of the pharmacy. Because of this, it’s hard to determine whether this site was a reliable place to purchase medicines from or not, since reviews are usually excellent markers of website performance. Reviews 2018

The store Medical Pills closed down in about 2004, after operating for some time on the web. It’s not clear whether the store went bankrupt or just merged with another company, but in 2005, Medical Pills’ was already redirecting to another platform called

Medical Pills Website Assessment
Medical Pills Website Assessment

Because Medical Pills closed down in 2004, there aren’t really any existing reviews for this online platform for the present year. Present-day reviews for this website are impossible to come by given that it’s closed for 10+ years.

Despite this being the case, I still tried if the Medical Pills website registers on some domain-checking platforms. Only one did have a record for the Medical Pills store though – Scam Adviser was able to detect some details for the Medical Pills store. According to the brief assessment report for the website, it’s already offline and its detected location was in the Netherlands. Coupon Codes

There were no medical pills coupon codes on the former platform and there were no deals existing for the buyers, except maybe for slight discounts for bulk orders and the free online consultation from the store’s affiliated doctors.

Discounts are important for consumers (I personally find discounts very helpful), but since Medical Pills was one of the oldest stores in the biz, the shop existed perhaps in the time when online pharmacies are still testing the waters and are still unknown for discounts. Nevertheless, here are some of the online pharmacy discounts that buyers expect with every online pharmacy they encounter:

  • Free pills – sometimes unconditional freebies exist, but in some cases, stores only give out free items for buyers with larger orders
  • Free shipping – in most cases stores give out free shipping when buyer orders reach a certain amount
  • Return buyer discounts – shops usually give loyalty bonuses to their returning buyers
  • Voucher codes – more generous online pharmacies have special codes buyers can use upon checkout – this ranges from 5 to 20% depending on the discretion of the online pharmacy


Medical Pills was one of the first online stores on the web. It started in 1998 but has unfortunately gone out of business around 2004, as its domain started redirecting to another online pharmacy. There are no reviews existing for this online platform – no third party reviews, no blogger insight, and even no on-site testimonials were available.

Buyers looking for new online pharmacies to try may use our list of Top Web Pharmacies list where they can find stores that are guaranteed reliable and safe to use for their drug purchases.

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