Review – Closed Store Without Existing Buyer Reviews Review – Closed Store Without Existing Buyer Reviews, just like most online drugstores in the market, is now inaccessible. And just like most online drugstores that go offline, there is no online information regarding Medox’s disappearance – the shop did not even have reviews from its former customers, which made it somewhat challenging for me to assess this web drugstore in terms of its past performance. There were also no clues left on this former domain – the shop was simply inaccessible, not “for sale” or “seized”, which is the case with most online drugstores now closed.

Fortunately for me, there were Medox Bz records available on the web archive site I was able to refer to. I saw there that the shop was active from 2013 until 2017, but this does not mean that the store indeed started its service in 2013. Honestly though, the way Medox Bz looked made me feel that the shop was incepted earlier than 2013 – Medox Bz gave a retro 90s vibe given its lack of graphics. The shop looked extremely old and did not display much information for its consumers.

As for the store’s products, it appears that Medox Bz sold both generic and brand name treatments but for only a handful of medical conditions. I noticed that Medox Bz did not have a more extensive product lineup than the usual online drugstores – instead of offering a full range, Medox Bz only had medicines for impotence, allergies, infections, and several other diseases. According to the shop, all of its products were approved by the ISO, but the store did not mention whether the medicines were FDA certified or not. I was assured, however, that the brand name treatments sold by the Medox Bz store were certified by the FDA. Also, according to the Medox Bz store, its generic products were 100% identical to the original product although they were 90% cheaper.

Regarding the featured products, Medox Bz had these medicines:

  • Cialis 20 mg: $1.10 per tablet
  • Levitra 20 mg: $1.90 per tablet
  • Viagra 100 mg: $0.90 per tablet
  • Reservatrol 250 mg: $1.23 per tablet
  • Omeprazole 20 mg: $0.35 per tablet

Medicines sold by the Medox Bz store were available without prescriptions and the shop argued that this was acceptable if the customers will only use the medicines for themselves.

The store accepted only credit card payments and shipped the items through EMS. Medox Bz’s address was in Bulgaria and the store was contacted through phone or through its email function. Reviews

In order to know whether Medox Bz was a previously good store, I tried to check for available reviews for the online pharmacy. However, it was rather disappointing that this online drugstore literally did not have anything online, save for a few records from trusted domain analysis websites.

Reliable review platforms like Trust Pilot, Reseller Ratings, Site Jabber, and others did not have records for Medox Bz, which I actually found odd considering the store’s years of online activity. Even if this was the case, I wasn’t at all surprised by this since most online drugstores just tend to cruise through their online existence without leaving traces. Perhaps we can blame this on their unpopularity – even if the stores did exist for years on the web, they were still unable to gain any patrons and hence no online reviews. Reviews 2018

I was pleased that Medox Bz did have some online records that I could refer to – well, the ones I got using domain assessing platforms, anyway.

According to Legit Script, Medox Bz was not an approved internet pharmacy since it was unable to measure up to the store’s standards for legitimately operating websites. However, Legit Script did not offer more information regarding this rating.

Medox Bz was rated only 0% by and this was mainly due to the store’s lack of an SSL certificate, its obvious unpopularity, and its lack of trust records to support its credibility. Scamner identified that Medox Bz was indeed created in 2013 but it has already expired two years after (2015). Coupon Codes

Free Shipping on Medox Bz
Free Shipping on Medox Bz

No coupon codes were present on the Medox Bz store, but the shop offered conditional free shipping:

Based on this store’s information, buyers with orders of 120 or more pills were granted free shipping by Medox Bz. However, I think this was impractical and impossible to achieve since most prescriptions only permit buyers to order up to 90 pills per order. Also, if it were my first time ordering from this web pharmacy, I’d think twice before ordering 120 pills since this quantity would cost me a considerable amount of money.


Medox Bz is now an inaccessible store and just like most disappearing acts online, the store did not leave traces of its past service and clues regarding its current whereabouts. I tried to scour reviews for this drugstore on the web, but I ended up with nothing save for disappointing results from several web assessment sites. However, these low scores for Medox Bz don’t define the store’s overall performance – I still think that the shop would be better evaluated using actual third-party customer reviews.

Now that Medox Bz is closed, I recommend trying out other online drugstores, like for instance, the ones on our list of TOP Web Vendors.

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