Review – This Store’s Now Closed – What Do We Do Next? Review – This Store’s Now Closed – What Do We Do Next?, after operating for some time online, has its domain now for sale. Last time I paid the domain a visit, the web hosting company Huge Domains has put the web address for sale. There is no clear reason why the shop Med Selling has closed down, but I am guessing that the store has failed to finance its annual (or monthly) web hosting fee. Only a few things could have caused this – perhaps the shop may have failed to become a sustainable website, the owners probably grew tired of operating the store and have found something else to do, or the shop has found the perfect timing to leave their business and evade clients they have scammed in the past. Whatever the reason for Med Selling’s disappearance, the store remains inaccessible to this day.

Records of the shop Med Selling show that the store was a generics seller which featured only erectile dysfunction treatments on its website. Although generic medicines were only the ones found on this online platform, Med Selling was still capable of offering a wide range of products for its buyers – the store offered a lot (I mean, a lot) of options for impotence treatment from plenty of generic drug manufacturers. For instance, apart from the typical film-coated, regular hard pill types of Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl products, Med Selling also sold generic impotence products in orally disintegrating tablet, jelly, effervescent tablet, soft gel, and candy forms. Most of the erectile dysfunction treatments available on Med Selling were from generic Indian manufacturers and hence were at least approved by the Indian FDA.

Prescriptions were not necessary on the Med Selling store, but like all online drugstores allowing no Rx purchases, Med Selling has also encouraged its customers to consult their doctors before using anything from the store. As for shipping, Med Selling has catered to buyers all around the globe, but the shop had different rates depending on the destination of the products ordered from the store. Payment methods accepted by Med Selling were E-checks, MasterCard, and VISA alone.

Although Med Selling did not have a tangible return or refund policy, the shop promised that in case buyers were unable to receive their orders within the prescribed time frame, they will reship the products. Reviews

On-site testimonials were the only ones available for the Med Selling store. I would have wanted to use external or third-party reviews since these kinds of reviews are the most objective and unbiased. However, I discovered that Med Selling did not have reviews from other websites, so I had no choice but to refer to these testimonials published on the Med Selling store:

A Few Med Selling Shop Reviews
A Few Med Selling Shop Reviews

Vanessa, just like most of the “customers” of Med Selling, confirmed that she has received her order from Med Selling. According to her, she would be placing another order on Med Selling because of her successful initial order.

Phil, another client, mentioned that Med Selling has shipped his order quickly. Like Vanessa, he would like to order again from Med Selling because of this positive experience.

Barbara, on the one hand, apologized to Med Selling for doubting its service. According to her, she thought that she wasn’t going to receive her order from Med Selling, but she ended up getting a notice from her local post that her item has already arrived.

However, despite these reviews sounding all authentic and all, we can’t change the fact that they have only originated from the online drugstore and hence were perhaps biased towards Med Selling. Reviews 2018

I am not sure when exactly Med Selling has closed down, but the shop was already inactive come 2018. Because of this, Med Selling did not also have reviews for the present year. However, the shop had reports about its domain health from the likes of

Med Selling Website Report
Med Selling Website Report

Overall, the rating for Med Selling was really unimpressive. Scamner has identified this store as an untrustworthy shop, primarily due to hosting illegal content and being marked as a spam store in the past years it was active. Med Selling also had a lean customer base and its owner has used a service to hide its real location and identity.

On the bright side, I was actually unable to find negative reviews for Med Selling on the web and according to Scamner, the shop hasn’t been reported by Google as an unsafe shop. Coupon Codes

I wasn’t really surprised to discover that Med Selling did not have coupon codes available for its consumers. However, the store offered other deals instead:

Med Selling Coupon Codes
Med Selling Coupon Codes

Med Selling offered buyer discounts to buyers who were able to reorder from the shop. A 10% off discount was given to buyers on their 2nd and further orders. Bulk order prices were also in effect, as well as free pills on every order and free standard shipping for buyers with orders worth more than $200.

Conclusion is now for sale and perhaps this is because the store failed to maintain the monthly or yearly annual fee charged by its domain hosting company. However, apart from this opinion, I do not have any solid information on what became of this store. It’s normal that shops close down, but it’s always perplexing why shops like Med Selling eventually close down despite operating for several years. In any case, it’s always a good time to look for new online pharmacies to patronize instead of Med Selling.

Luther Palmer

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