Review – A Pharmacy with an Unascertained Trustworthiness Review - A Pharmacy with an Unascertained Trustworthiness was an internet pharmacy that was licensed to sell and dispense medications in the US. This e-store was operating from Oklahoma. The start and closing date of this e-dispensary were not available though. According to their homepage, they sold prescription medicines to wholesalers and they were licensed by the US government to do so. They partnered with PharmaGen Research Laboratories Pvt Lt. They also partnered with 7 online pharmacies. is the pharmacy that it would be taking an extensive look at in this article. Based on my research, this pharmacy started operating in 2005. Confirmed by one of their customer care agents, Karen, who told me they have been in business for more than 8 years. As for their location, they are located in Cyprus. Like most online pharmacies, they have categorized the drugs sold on their website into various groups. These groups include Antifungal, Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Erectile dysfunction; among several others.

On their homepage, I could see a wide range of erectile dysfunction drugs displayed. Both popular brand and generics erectile dysfunction drugs were displayed. The popular ones I noticed were the brand version of Viagra and Cialis, the generic version of Cialis, and Kamagra; a popular generic to Viagra. Just to have an idea of whether the drugs are sold cheaply by this vendor or not, I went further to note the prices these individual drugs are sold. The sell the brand version of Viagra and Cialis for as low as $6.51 and $6.26 per pill respectively. On the other hand, Kamagra is sold at $2.72 per pill. I must say these prices are really low. However, it is not surprising as brand meds are known to be cheap in countries like Cyprus due to pharmaceutical price control and the absence of the potency of pharmaceutical patent rights. As I was told by the agent I customer care agent I had a chat with, they sell only FDA approved drugs. Allegedly, none of their drugs contain harmful or unapproved substances. You may ask, what do I think? Well, I think that most of the drugs I see are all FDA approved. However, that’s if what is displayed is what you receive. As it is common with some pharmacies to send meds different from the images displayed on their website. Not to worry, we would know for sure later in the article.

Taking a look at the payment methods accepted by this vendor, I realized that making payments should not be a difficult thing as the commonest means of payments are accepted on this pharmaceutical website. These payments include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, American Express, ACH, and Bitcoin. And to ship the drugs bought on this platform. The shipping options are International Unregistered Mail and Trackable Courier Service. The former takes 14 to 21 days to deliver products ordered, while the latter takes 5 to 9 days to deliver products purchased. They cost $10 and $30 respectively.

In addition, should you need to contact the support of this pharmacy, that should not be a problem. I have seen and tried the live chat on their service. And I saw that it works fine. Below is a screenshot of my chat with Karen one of their customer support agent.


Medsplaza Live Chat Image

You can make use of their live chat service for an instant response. You can also call their Toll-free line +18885247141.

I also didn’t fail to dig up information about their refund policy. From the information I gathered regarding this, you would be given a free reshipment of refund if there is a failure in the receipt of your order. However, note that this is contingent upon dropping the correct address. If the mistake was from you, they would give you no refunds or free reshipment. Similarly, if a customer is unsatisfied with the effect of the product received. A return address would be sent to such customer after making a complaint. The product is to be sent to the address within 30 days. Once the product is received, the refund procedure starts. Reviews

Customer reviews make it easier for us to differentiate between scam pharmacies and legit ones. It is for this reason that I went in search of customer reviews of I was unable to find independent customer reviews on external websites, but I found testimonials on their website. Below are screenshots of some of the testimonials on this website. Note that they should not be trusted fully since it is part of the website’s contents.

Medsplaza Testimonials

Johnny is the first on my list of reviewers. He commends the quality of the drugs he received, their shipping service, and customer support. He says “product was genuine”.

Medsplaza Feedback

Mike from Chicago is the second reviewer. He also has great things to say. This customer attests that the delivery service of this vendor is discrete. He also affirms that product received are the same as the pictures displayed on their website. He says “pleasantly surprised”. Reviews 2018

I tried to get recent customer reviews to ascertain the is customers are currently being satisfied by this vendor. Sadly, I found nothing. Additionally, the lack of dates with their onsite testimonials didn’t help matters. I would say that after 8 years of operation, there should be a number of customer reviews of this pharmacy if it is truly great. The onsite reviews are most likely fake as this pharmacy appears not to be popular among customers. Coupon Codes

Of course, I can never leave discounts out of my review of this pharmacy. Here is what I found on their website.

Medsplaza Discount offers

I found this order trying to check out Viagra from this online pharmacy. The screenshot tells us that customers would get a 10% discount on the next orders of the same product. Additionally, customers get free Standard Airmail shipping when orders reach $200.

Conclusion just like all online pharmacies has got both strengths and weakness. Some of the strengths I have noticed about this pharmacy are low prices, a well-designed website, and the availability of a live chat service. Its weakness is major. If you agree lack of independent trustable reviews is a major weakness. The onsite reviews I found are not trustable. Thereby, making the real extent of trustworthiness of this vendor unascertainable.

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