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Existing somewhere from 2014 to 2017, Night Meds was an online pharmacy that gave customers around the world the privilege to purchase medications at cheap prices. Its site primarily sold generic drugs and promoted its use to its customers because of its similarly great effects as the bra        nded medications. Night Meds introduced generics as perfect alternatives to branded drugs as these drugs contained the exact same active ingredients but had prices which were 80% to 90% cheaper. Generics were also drugs that were approved by the FDA and this was the quality guarantee of Night Meds to its clients.

But what ended the life of Night Meds online was the exact same reason that made it popular and loved by its customers. Its products were so affordable that people who once purchased their meds at the local pharmacies started ordering from them and no longer went back to buying their medications locally. It’s understandable because of its huge savings offer that Night Meds had which allowed its clients to purchase their needed drugs in great quantities while helping them save at the same time. Night Meds wasn’t the only online pharmacy on the web that had cheap price offers but there were lots of other online medicine sources that had offers as great as what it had. These sites also drew lots of people away from purchasing their meds locally and as a result, they caught the attention of corporate drugstore chains and large pharma companies. What these corporations did was they launched a campaign against these independent pharmacy sites to close them down and they were aided by various international government agencies and the US government.

As a result, the crackdown was a success and many online pharmacies including Night Meds were forcefully closed down and seized. The domain name of the seized online pharmacies was still accessible but their sites no longer showed their pharmacy site but was replaced with a seizure notice with an accusation that it sold counterfeit goods. Whether this accusation was true or not, only the clients of Night Meds would be able to prove as the site was active for three years before it was closed down. Many of its customers were shocked by this event but there was nothing that Night Meds could’ve done to save itself since the opposition that it faced was large and established corporations.

The seizure of Night Meds’ site was such a huge loss to its clients as its site had been a good place where they bought their medicines from. It sold popular medicines like Viagra for only $0.81 USD per pill, a price that was so different to the costs that local pharmacies have charged. Local pharmacy prices for Viagra ranged from $70 to $80 USD per pill, a price that was just too heavy for many people to afford, making sites like Night Meds a true gem to its customers. Its site was also a user-friendly site with country, language, and currency options which allowed international customers to see the prices in their own currency and the content of the site in their own native language.

The medicines on the site of Night Meds were also organized properly for its customers’ ease of access. It had an alphabetical assortment of drugs as well as a section where its drugs were classed categorically. For the quick access of the users for the medicines that they were looking for, Night Meds also made a search bar available on the upper right part of its website. We were able to find out about all these details by checking the domain name of Night Meds on the web archives. So even though Night Meds’ site was already closed, it was still possible to peek into how it was before as an online pharmacy. Reviews

Searching for third-party user reviews on the web for Night Meds wasn’t very fruitful as no useful result was found by the search engines. If these reviews had existed, they could’ve been the ones that we’d use for our review analysis since third-party reviews are reliable and legit. It’s not that the onsite reviews on the website of Night Meds were fake and fabricated, it’s just that the third-party reviews had the least possibilities of being manipulated or edited by the sites where they belonged. But even after having said that, what we would be using are the onsite reviews for Night Meds since there were no third-party reviews available for its site.

Night Meds User Reviews
Night Meds User Reviews

James was the name of the first customer who gave a review for Night Meds and the reason for his review was to let the site know that he received his orders in a prompt fashion and that he appreciated the trustworthiness of the site. No funny business was done with his credit card and he was looking forward to using its site again.

As for Jeremy, the generic meds that he purchased from Night Meds was praiseworthy for having the exact same effect as its branded equivalent. He was also glad to prove that it’s indeed reliable because even after reading an accusation that its site was a scam, he still managed to receive his orders.

The review that was provided by Hugh was only brief but the review that he has given was just to let Night Meds know that all of his orders arrived safe and sound and in a good condition. Reviews 2018

Night Meds’ site has already been closed for a long time as it was seized by the international government agencies as a site that sold counterfeit products. No one knows if there was any truth in that accusation as it managed to operate for a couple of years before being shut down. New reviews can no longer be made for Night Meds as its site is now practically non-existent. Coupon Codes

Night Meds Free Sample Pills
Night Meds Free Sample Pills

Back when it still sold meds on the web, Night Meds didn’t only offer cheap drug prices to its customers but it also gave away freebies in the form of sample pills. This was to extend the use of their customers’ purchased meds without them having to spend extra money.


Night Meds was an online drugstore that gave its customers the privilege of buying generic meds at affordable costs. Sadly, its existence was short-lived as it was forcefully seized and shut down by large pharma companies and corporate drugstore chains. But other great online pharmacies still exist on the web and they can be found on our list of top recommended providers.

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