– Is it Safe or Unsafe? - Is it Safe or Unsafe? is an online pharmacy that has an origin tracked to Athens, Greece. Though they might operate majorly from Athens, they also operate from other locations like India, China, Panama, France, Germany, and the USA. Their drugs according to one of their support staff are sourced from India. They claim this is because Indian manufactured drugs are very affordable as the Indian pharmaceutical market is the largest at the moment. They offer a variety of drugs for the treatment of various health issues including erectile dysfunction. The pricing for generic Viagra could go as low as $0.92 per pill. The popular Cialis and Levitra are also sold on this platform which is offered for $8.63 and $8.67 per pill respectively. The drugs on this website are FDA approved including the generics which are also Indian-FDA approved. Therefore, I see nothing to worry about the quality of drugs.

Furthermore, Norx Online has not provided an information of the year they started out, but I gathered that their domain name ‘’ is about three years old. Another thing worthy of note is that this website according to its name ‘Norx’ which implies no prescription, does not demand a doctor’s prescription before making orders online. This is because the drug they offer can be sold based on an online doctor consultation. The payment methods that they offer customers to pay through are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, and Echeck. Additionally, your drugs are shipped through the EMS or USPS shipment method. The USPS shipping method takes 10 to 17 days and costs $20. On the other hand, EMS takes 7 to 10 days and costs $29. However, EMS with insurance includes an additional $3, making EMS with insurance shipment cost on Norx Online $32.
I had a little chat with one of their support staff via live chat which was quite impressive and swift. You can also speak with their customer support via telephone (USA Toll-Free) 1-800-865-1531 or offline via email [email protected] in their “Contact Us” section. See the image of my chat below

Norxonline Live Chat

Regarding their refund policy, I noticed that they do not accept drugs back from customers once it has been shipped out. They claim it is because they operate in accordance with US State and Federal law, therefore, they cannot restock shipped orders. Though if you wish to cancel an order you can do that before it is charged and processed by contacting their support team. If your order has been charged and processed and you still wish to cancel an order, you can, but you would be charged a cancellation fee of 10% of your overall order. However, if your shipment is delivered crushed or destroyed they would do a reshipment to you free of charge. Reviews

It is quite unfortunate that lacks customer reviews online. I searched within their website and on third-party websites and I was unable to find reviews from customers about Norx Online. This usually doesn’t indicate anything good as reviews from customers show the reality of a pharmacy’s reputation. The lack of review as a result of the fact that it is not patronized by many customers due to poor promotion or individual skepticism about the website. Therefore, my candid advice is for you is to try another website just for you to be on the safe side. Reviews 2018

As of this year 2018, if you input there into the address bar of your browser to search this website, and it takes you to their homepage. You would see “not secure” on your address bar with an exclamation mark. This strongly suggests that your totally not safe ordering or inputting your info on this website as your personal or financial information could be stolen.

Norx Online Not Secure
Norx Online Not Secure

The fact that they lack reviews online says a lot about their reputation. It signifies that it is not a popular or yet reputable pharmacy. Coupon Codes

One other thing I checked through this website to find was for promotions, offers, or discounts. When I tried making an order, I found out that customers get discounts when you make bulk orders. I tried ordering 270 pills of generic Viagra but got no discounts. However, they advised me in the order form to “upgrade to 360 pills” so I could save $202 getting it $1 per pill as against the $1.59 per pill. See the screenshot below

Norxonline Savings Offer

On like many online pharmacies that offer customers free shipping with huge orders as an incentive to buy more, Norx Online does not offer free shipping. I also noticed no offer of discounts of any sort for returning or new customers. It appears Norx Online does not really accord discounts to customers much regard or attention.

Conclusion drugstore has shown few strengths as well as a great level of weaknesses. While their prices appear low, with good customer support, FDA approved meds, a wide variety of meds, and ease in placing orders, their platform is insecure and they lack reviews from customers. These are ultimately red flags; as an insecure online platform signifies a risk of data theft which implies that it is not safe. Similarly, lack of reviews points to the fact that it is not popular among customers. Hence, I cannot recommend that you patronize this website as it is unsafe.

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