Review – A Dead Site Appeared to Be a Decent Medicine Source Review – A Dead Site Appeared to Be a Decent Medicine Source

Online Rx Market was an online pharmacy that existed for only a very short amount of time on the web as length of its presence wasn’t long enough for it to be captured by the web archives. Searching for its domain name on the internet vaults only yield captures with blank pages which meant that it was already closed when the crawler of the site managed to find it. Fortunately, there were other sources on the internet that offered information about Online Rx Market. The image above was a capture of its site back when it still existed. It looks like a decent web pharmacy just like most online medicine sources and it also seemed to offer generic medicines as alternatives to the costly branded drugs at the local pharmacies. Though the capture above only showed limited information about Online Rx Market, it seemed to offer a huge range of pharmaceutical products based on the search box on the upper right part of its page. Next to its search box was a small button which said “A-Z” and this was likely to be the alphabetical assortment of its drugs

Online Rx Market also seemed to have three medicine sections where its customers have browsed for their needed meds. The first one was the through the Categories section and this was where its drugs were sorted based on their uses. As to how many medicine categories were available at Online Rx Market, we could only speculate since the information that we could access about its site is only limited to the captured image above. The next section on the site of Online Rx Market where its client used to browse for their meds was its New Arrivals section where it constantly featured the new additions to its medicine assortment. This might also be the section on its website where it featured its new promotional offers or not, as we’re only speculating. The third medicine section was on its website was its Bestsellers section where its most frequently purchased medicines were located for the quick access of its clients.

Online Rx Market Bestselling ED Generics
Online Rx Market Bestselling ED Generics

As indicated above the drugs that were on the top of its bestsellers list were the generic versions of the popular erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment brands which were Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. As for the prices that Online Rx Market had for these pills, it’s just unlucky that they weren’t captured on the image but we can be certain that they were priced affordably since generic ED pills only had prices which were around $1 to $3 per tablet. But even though these drugs were cheap, they had the same potency and formulation as their branded counterparts that made them just as effective.

Back when it was still online, it’s possible that many people might have purchased meds from Online Rx Market as it offered generic meds that were known to be cheaper than branded drugs by as much as 90%. Concerning scripts, there’s no way for us to know for certain if it was required by the site from its clients or not. But it’s likely that Online Rx Market allowed its customers to freely purchase meds from its site without requiring them to provide any scripts. Online pharmacies that had it as a requirement usually had a registration or log-in page, pages that we’re not sure if present on the site of Online Rx Market or not.

Not only did Online Rx Market provide cheap and quality medicines but it also made the effort to provide support to its customers by making phone hotlines available on its website. The first hotline was +1 855 306 9027 and it’s a toll-free number that was exclusive only to US customers. The other one was a hotline for international customers and its number was +1 773 270 2818. If these lines were open 24/7 or not, we can only guess as nothing was mentioned on its captured image. Reviews

If Online Rx Market had the chance to be reviewed by its customers on its short period of existence or not, we have no way of knowing since online or third-party reviews for its site can’t be located by the search engines. It also seemed that Online Rx Market didn’t have a reviews section on its site which means that we would have no reviews to use for our review analysis.

User reviews are vital for an online pharmacy’s reputation as these customer feedbacks are being read by other customers and it becomes their gauge in deciding on whether to purchase from that pharmacy or not. Negative reviews discourage customers and forces them to look for more reliable online pharmacies but positive reviews boost their confidence and encourages them to make an order. But even if reviews for Online Rx Market existed, they were no longer relevant as its site has long been closed. The reviews for it would only be good as references for its past reputation as an online pharmacy and nothing else.

Pharmacy sites with no reviews are usually labeled as suspicious or counterfeit but as for Online Rx Market, the available information about its site is too little for us to hastily conclude that it’s a fake. The interface of its site didn’t have the appearance of being counterfeit but on the contrary, it looked legitimate. Reviews 2018

If reviews for Online Rx market weren’t available then, all the more that those reviews won’t be available now. It’s already a dead site with almost no traces except for the little bits of information about its site scattered on the web. Coupon Codes

This offer that Online Rx Market had back then was difficult to resist for its clients especially to those who were really looking to save money. It offered free shipping of products to all regardless of their purchase amount and it also assured its customers that their meds would be packed discreetly for their privacy.

Online Rx Free Shipping
Online Rx Free Shipping


Online Rx Market was an online pharmacy that only existed for a short period of time but it appeared to be a decent meds source as it offered drugs of good quality at cheap prices. The available information about its site is very limited on the web since it’s site is no longer functional. For customers who are looking for pharmacies with excellent offers, come and check our top list of recommended providers.

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