Review – Now Inaccessible – What Happened? Review – Now Inaccessible – What Happened? has its status set as “domain blocked by registrar”. The former web pharmacy is now inaccessible – I tried visiting the store and instead I was greeted by literally a blank page. Unfortunately, there was nothing on Pharmacy Fan – literally nothing on Pharmacy Fan – as if the store’s obliterated from the web. To know more about this online drugstore, I have checked the web for available reviews, but the store did not have any online reviews available.

The usual thing I do when reviewing inaccessible stores is to check if they have records stored on the web archive platform. Unfortunately for the store Pharmacy Fan, the shop did not have online records available, which made it hard to evaluate the performance of this former website. To make sure I get an idea of how this store worked in the past, I had to piece reports delivered by reliable online blogger platforms and the bits of information I found on the web for the Pharmacy Fan shop.

There was really nothing special about the Pharmacy Fan store – it was just like any other online drugstore that sold mostly generic products to help consumers save when it comes to their drug costs. Pharmacy Fan’s main assortment consisted medicines for impotence (since these medicines were really popular among web users), as well as general health medications for allergies, pain relief, infections, and other medical conditions. Pharmacy Fan or Canadian Healthcare (as indicated on the store’s main page) offered allegedly “FDA approved” medicines from reliable international companies.

As it was with most internet pharmacies I’ve encountered, Pharmacy Fan allowed buyers to purchase their medicines from Pharmacy Fan without needing to provide the appropriate prescriptions for the products. While this was blatantly against the law, buyers were mostly in favor of this policy since not all online buyers have the luxury of (or the money for) getting actual consultations for their medical conditions, especially the ones with “expensive” diseases, like for instance, erectile dysfunction. Although a no-Rx policy was in place on Pharmacy Fan, the shop still encouraged the buyers to consult with their doctors first before using any product sold by the store.

Sample products and prices on Pharmacy Fan include:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.35 per tablet
  • Generic Cialis: $0.77 per tablet
  • Generic Propecia: $0.57 per tablet
  • Generic Levitra: $1.15 per tablet
  • Viagra Professional (generic): $0.57 per tablet

Payments honored by Pharmacy Fan included the usual MasterCard and VISA payments, but the shop had also accepted the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. As for shipping, the store asked buyers to pay for $15 for the regular shipping and $25 for the expedited option, which I think were rather expensive compared to the usual shipping rates enforced by most online pharmacies.

Now that Pharmacy Fan’s closed, there’s no way for buyers to make contact with the shop. Up until this point, there is no information regarding what really happened to Pharmacy Fan. Reviews

Pharmacy Fan did not have buyer reviews available on the web, but instead, the store had a handful of author reviews from consumers who have browsed the store (not really purchased from the shop). Sadly, user impressions for this online drugstore were negative and most writers thought that Pharmacy Fan was a scam store.

To be fair, even if Pharmacy Fan did not have actual buyer reviews of its own, it’s still hard to identify whether the shop was really a scam store or not, since the store did not have actual complaints about its service. Yes, authors can speculate as much as they want about Pharmacy Fan, but they can’t really give proof that Pharmacy Fan was indeed a scam store. Reviews 2018

No 2018 reviews exist for Pharmacy Fan and this is not surprising. Because the information for the store was scarce, I had to look for other ways to evaluate this online drugstore, and luckily, I had help from two domain assessing platforms:

Pharmacy Fan Website Assessment
Pharmacy Fan Website Assessment

According to one website assessing tool, the store Pharmacy Fan was actually incepted in 2016 and was hosted in the United States. The report also mentioned that Pharmacy Fan did not have its own SSL certificate and that its owner used an anonymous service to conceal its important details.

Scam Adviser Website Assessment Report
Scam Adviser Website Assessment Report

On the one hand, the other domain assessing platform has confirmed that Pharmacy Fan is now offline. However, this platform notes that Pharmacy Fan did have malware reports when it still existed.

Still, no actual buyer reviews were present for Pharmacy Fan in 2018 and this is most likely because it’s now closed. Coupon Codes

Buyer coupon codes weren’t available on Pharmacy Fan, but according to blogs about this former online pharmacy, the store had several offers for its clients:

  • Free regular shipping: Pharmacy Fan gave free shipping to buyers with orders of more than $200
  • Free expedited shipping: Express shipping was free for orders $300 and more
  • Free pills: Pharmacy Fan gave free ED pills to all buyers


Pharmacy Fan was an online store with very limited online information. Sadly, it was unlike most online pharmacies that were able to leave something on the web archive, so there was literally nothing to see for Pharmacy Fan. There were also no reviews for Pharmacy Fan – the store did not have anything on the web save for blogger reviews from authors who noted that the shop was a scam site.

Since Pharmacy Fan is now inactive, it’s best for you to look for new online drugstores to use. If you want safe stores that are guaranteed NOT to scam you, try the ones on the TOP Vendors List.

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