Review – A Drugstore that is Now Offline Review - A Drugstore that is Now Offline is a drugs pharmacy that is now offline and its website cannot be accessed. I used the web archives to get more information regarding them and found that the earliest information regarding their operations was captured in 2002 which could be the year it began its operations. claimed to be a drugstore that ensured their customers save up to 90% from the purchase of medications. There were physicians who used to offer free consultations to the customers to ensure that customers purchased the right over-the-counter and prescription medications.

The medications in stock had been placed into several groups depending on how they would be used once purchased by the customers which made it easy for them when finding their medications. Some of the categories included Allergy Relief, Birth Control, Gastro Health, Muscle Relaxer, Men’s Health, Nausea & Vomiting, Pain Relief, Blood Pressure, Weight Loss, Eye Drops, Asthma, Diuretics, Arthritis, Antidepressants, Quit Smoking, Migraine, Women’s Health, Influenza, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Cancer, and Skin Care, among others. Though a prescription was not required to process an order, there was an online consultation that customers were taken through to ensure that the right medications were dispensed which was free.

The was no classification of the bestsellers on homepage but some features products which included Generic Viagra which was sold at $1.82 per pill, Generic Xanax, Generic Phentermine, Generic Valium, Generic Meridia, and Generic Ambien. I looked into the men’s health category to know the other erectile dysfunction medications that were in stock and they included Cialis, Flomax, Kamagra, Levitra, Proscar, Silagra, and VPXL.

Payment of medications could be done via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, eCheck, and Discover. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after placing the order.

Customers from all over the world could purchase medications and have them delivered using the Express Mail Delivery which would take a period of 14 days to have the medications delivered or the USPS Registered Mail where the medications were delivered within a maximum of 21 days. It was indicated that the delivery could take longer due to circumstances that were beyond the control of such as customs regulations. The charges for the EMS delivery service were $25 and those who chose the USPA- Registered Airmail would pay $29 for the shipping. If a customer placed a large order, it was subdivided into various categories which would be delivered on different dates.

If the package was ruined or went missing during the shipping, would reship the medications without extra pay or return the amount that the customer had paid for the drugs. The return of medications once the delivery had been made was not allowed since it was claimed that the international laws do not allow such practices.

Customers who wanted to contact would use the toll-free number 1-866-816-6345 to make a call. There was a contact form on the website as well that customers would use to send a message to the support team and a response was sent within 24 hours after the message was submitted. I noted that there used to be a live chat where customers could get an immediate answer from the support staff. Reviews

When was in operation, a lot of reviews were submitted on independent review sites most of which were negative. The customers were complaining of receiving fake medications and when they contacted for a refund, they were completely ignored. Others complained of paying for their medications and not delivery was done afterward.

Susan Lubbock says that she purchased generic Phentermine and was told that it would work as good as the brand medications. When the medications were delivered, she discovered that they were not phentermine but fake products, though the bottle containing the pills was labeled as the real drugs. When she tried taking the pills, she was completely knocked out. From her investigations, the drugs delivered looked like Xanax which is not what she had ordered.

When placing her order, Susan says that the site looked like any other genuine online pharmacy and the support team was very cooperative at that time. This is why she took the step and placed her order but now wonders how would get away with that.

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Another client by the name Shirl Ruffs from the United States placed an order on 12th June and one month later the shipping had not been done. He consulted the support team asking them why his order had not been shipped and was informed that there were delays and his order would be shipped later that day. This was not done and the communication between him and was not possible since they would not respond to her messages on the live chat. He asked for a refund but it seems the $108 he had paid for his medications was lost.

Pricepills Complaint Reviews 2018 is no longer operational and as a result, it is impossible to get any current reviews. I checked the scam advisor report regarding and noted that the website had been threat listed.

Pricepills Scam Advisor Report Coupon Codes did not have any active coupon codes that would enable their customers to save more on their medications. In the FAQ section, however, I noted that the customers used to get free pills with every order. The number of pills had not been indicated but there was an indication that they would be automatically applied once the order was processed.

Conclusion is a drugstore that has been closed down. During its year of operation, there were a lot of complaints from customers who said that they were sent fake medications or their orders were never delivered despite paying for them. Customers who wish to purchase online have the option of looking for a legitimate online drugstore to buy their medications. If you will need help on choosing a reliable source for your medications online, you can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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