Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is highly important and we desire to uphold our users’ privacy in the best way we can. Because we highly regard the privacy of our users, we do not collect personal information from our consumers unless they have freely shared the info with us. As for the information handed out to us (like email, address, phone numbers, and so on), we keep our clients’ information confidential – we do not share personal information given to us by our clients to any third party. Our users can rest assured that we treat their data as strictly confidential.

Data Collection

Using our service means that you agree with us collecting log files and behavioral data while you are on our website. Some of the forms of data we collect from you include your IP address, the kind of browser you use while visiting us, and even your internet service provider (ISP). This is pretty standard for all services and web platforms.


You may have already heard about cookies, so to start, let’s define what they are. According to the web, a cookie (web cookie) is a data sent by websites to users to allow them to have a better overall user experience on their platform. In the same way, we use cookies to help our users have a better overall experience using the service. Our cookies will help you navigate our website faster, access our features better, and even log on to our website with ease.

We do not use cookies to collect personal information from our users (like phone numbers, email, address, and similar information), so you can rest assured that your private information is safe while browsing our platform.

Can I opt out of cookies?

Yes, you can choose not to allow cookies from us, but you have to manually disable cookies on your browser. However, we must warn you – while you can still access our site, disabling cookies may significantly affect your browsing experience on our website. It is advisable for users to allow cookies for an optimized browsing experience, but you can change the settings for the cookies on your computer (browser).

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