R.rxlistbox.com Review – A Drugstore that No Longer Offers Pharmaceuticals for Sale

R.rxlistbox.com Review - A Drugstore that No Longer Offers Pharmaceuticals for Sale

R-rxlistbox.com is a pharmacy that is no longer online after claiming to have been in business for over 9 years. I tried accessing the website but it seems the website has been disabled. I turned to the web archives to get more information about its operations and discovered that the first information was archived in 2011 which is most probably the year it was established. R-rxristbx.com claimed to be among the leading online pharmacies that specialized in the sale of generic medications that had been approved by the Indian FDA.

The medications stocked by r-rxristbox.com were classified into various categories according to the complication they were used to treat. I noted a few of the classifications which were Alcoholism, Cardiovascular Diseases, Antibiotics, Erectile Dysfunction, Birth Control, Antidepressants, Cholesterol, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Mental Disorders, Respiratory Tract, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Muscle Relaxant, Migraine, Surgery, and Neurological Disorders, among others. Some of the medications in these categories required a valid prescription before the order was processed.

The bestsellers had also been listed on their web page and some of them were Generic Viagra that cost $0.72 per pill, Generic Cialis where it was sold at $1.13 per pill, Generic Levitra, Generic Priligy, Generic Amoxil, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Cipro, Generic Clomid, Kamagra, Generic Lasix, Generic Female Cialis, Generic Synthroid, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Zithromax, and Generic Nolvadex, among others.

The accepted means of paying for the drugs was by use of a credit card which was charged as soon as the order was submitted and verified. Customers were allowed to withdraw their order before the end of 24 hours after the order was placed and the support team was to be notified.

The shipping methods that were used by customers included the Trackable Courier Service which would take a maximum of 14 days to have the medications delivered or the Standard International Airmail which took a maximum of 21 days to have the drugs delivered. Customers who chose the trackable courier service paid $30 for the shipping whereas the standard airmail method cost $10 and would be free if the order was above $150. Orders that contained more than 90 pills would be shipped in separate packages whose delivery would be made on various dates.

If the medications were lost or damaged during the shipping, r.rxlistbox.com would issue a refund or resend the order without asking for additional payment. However, customers who gave the wrong address leading to the loss of the drugs were not compensated.

Customers who wished to contact the support team had been provided with several numbers +1 800 532 4808, +1 718 313 1498 or +44 203 011 0241. A contact form had also been provided through which customers would be able to send messages to the support team and get a response via the email address they had submitted.

R-rxlistbox.com Reviews

I found one complaint regarding r.rxlistbox.com from a customer by the name SEvgilim who says that he placed an order and it was never delivered. The phone numbers provided were not working and the online support did not help much. He says that he was asked to send his tracking number which according to him was invalid and nothing was done in regards to the issue. She tried further communication but no reasonable answer was given.

R.rxlistbox.com Review

I found other reviews on the website that hosted r.rxlisatbox.com which were positive. The customers were appreciating the fast delivery of their orders and how effective the pills were.

David says that his order was received and he was amazed at how well the pills worked. He says that on taking the pills, he felt like an 18-year-old man and as a result, had promised to place another order in future.

Mark ordered erectile dysfunction medications and they were very effective for him. This made even his wife send her appreciation as well as the bed and the sheets.

DN was grateful that the support team was able to follow up on his order until he received it. On using the pills, he found them very effective and he and his partner were very happy.

R.rxlistbox.com Reviews

Unlike the reviews posted on independent review website where you will be sure that they are true, on-site reviews can be made up which is a marketing scheme that many online pharmacies are using to attract customers. Using such reviews to determine the reputation of r.rxlistbox.com can lead to the wrong conclusion.

R.rxlistbox.com Reviews 2018

R.rxlistbox.com has been closed down which means that it is not possible to find any recent reviews. I looked at the scam advisor report and noted that the website had been threat listed.

R.rxlistbox.com Scam Advisor Report
R.rxlistbox.com Scam Advisor Report

R.rxlistbox.com Coupon Codes

There were multiple discounts that customers buying medications from r.rxlistbox.com would benefit from.

Customers who purchased more than 20 erectile dysfunction pills were given 4 free Viagra pills. For ED pills that were more than 60, customers were given 10 free Viagra pills.

For erectile dysfunction pills that were more than 100, customers were given 20 free Viagra pills.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

For all orders that cost more than $150 would have the medications shipped free of charge via the standard airmail shipping method.

Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

Customers who placed a second order, a 5% discount was given. For the third and further orders, customers were given a 7% discount on their purchases. Customers were also entitled to seasonal discounts which would be posted on the homepage as soon as they were activated.

Special Discount on Reorder
Special Discount on Reorder


R.rxlistbox.com is a pharmacy that is no longer online which used to sell a wide variety of brand and generic medications that were sold at affordable prices. There were many discounts that customers who used to buy from them would benefit from though it is not clear if the quality of the medications was good or the delivery will be made on time due to the negative review from one of the customers. The available independent reviews indicated that the customer placed an order and the medications were never delivered. Customers whose main source of medications was r.rxlistbox.com have the option of looking for another source for the purchase of their medications. You can make use of our list of Top Web Drugstores to get help in identifying the right online drugstore.

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