Review – Another Victim of Big Pharmas’ Plot Review - Another Victim of Big Pharmas' Plot appears to be seized at the moment owing to a Homeland Security investigation about this online pharmacy. When you visit this pharmacy’s website as of this moment you would see that the seizure was based on a warrant issued by a United States court. Apparently, this pharmacy was allegedly involved in trafficking counterfeits. However, I don’t buy this story so fast. I say this because this is not the first online pharmacy that is going through this. This is merely a plot by “big pharma” who are against cheap generics sold online; so as to protect the expensive prices of their branded meds. I mean customers having access to cheap generics that give the exact same treatments at a price over 70% lower than the branded drugs, through online platforms, has reduced their market share by a wide margin. In fact, rumor has it that there is a plot to register all online pharmacies under a particular domain; “.pharmacy” in order to be able to control all online pharmacies. If this falls through, big pharma would achieve their goal to protect their expensive branded drug prices. But this must not fall through, for the sake of millions of patients who are now able to afford treatments without breaking the bank. In this article, I would be sharing certain information I have gathered about

While Reliable-tablet is seized and inaccessible, I was able to dig up all the relevant information and images from the online archives which have the data of this pharmacy from its inception. From what I see, is an affiliate marketing website that was established in 2004. While they have not revealed the location they operate from, they revealed that their drugs are shipped from India. Hence, they most definitely operate from India. This pharmacy was involved in the sale of an extensive number of medications cheaply. Some of its categories include Alcoholism, Cancer, Birth Control, Diabetes, HIV, Antiparasitic, Arthritis, Analgesics, Erectile Dysfunction etc. To determine how cheap their meds were such that big pharma attention was drawn to them, I decided to check the prices they sell the popular Erectile Dysfunction drugs that we all know of. I saw the generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. These drugs were sold by this pharmacy at $1.60, $1.30, and $1.50 per pill respectively. Wow! This is cheap compared to the prices the branded versions of these drugs go for. Furthermore, as you might know of, cancer drugs are high priced. So I decided to check the prices cancer drugs was sold by this pharmacy. The generic version of the popular Novaldex used for treating cancer is sold for as low as $0.60 per pill. Another example is the generic version of the generic version of the popular Xeloda. which they sell for as low as $19.67 per pill. These prices are over 50% cheaper than the brand versions’ prices. And if you ask me, a rational customer would surely opt for buying these generics online as against buying the branded versions at exorbitant prices. They have claimed that all drugs they sell are Indian FDA approved.

Furthermore, I have found out that only Visa is accepted as a means of payment. Additionally, the shipping time for drugs to arrive is 10 to 17 days. In some cases, there may be an additional time lag of 5 days. Which implies 10 to 22 days on the average. This is quite a long time to wait for your meds. Well, it may be as a result of the distance of India. It appears this pharmacy makes use of Airmail.

Reliable-tablet Contact Us Form

In addition, if you need to speak with a customer support; you can simply call them on their toll-free line +18005324808 or +17184759088, or +442030110241. You can also drop a message for them on their “Contact Us” page. Below is an image of how the form looks.

As for refunds, their policy makes room for full refunds if you did not receive your order in 22 days. A return address is also provided if drugs do not reach customer satisfaction. After they receive the return, they claim that the return process would start. Reviews

I could not find any customer reviews of this vendor online, but I could find a few testimonials on their website. Note that these reviews should not be utterly depended on since they are a part of the content on this vendor’s website.

Reliable-tablet Testimonial

Mark shares his experience buying erectile dysfunction drugs from this vendor. From his comment the drugs were effective and the delivery was on time. He says “I thank you”.

I for one do not trust onsite reviews as you would hardly find a negative review much like in this case. Well, this onsite testimonial portrays the pharmacy as a reliable one. Reviews 2018

I tried getting recent feedbacks from customers who have tried, but I came empty. The onsite reviews that are available lack dates so we can’t say for sure when they were supplied. So, one can’t say for sure if they maintained a reliable pharmaceutical service. Coupon Codes

I found quite a number of discounts. Below are the images of two that intrigued me.

Reliable-tablet Discount Offers

From this screenshot, one could see that customers get 5% off on their second order and 7% off on their third order.

Reliable-tablet Free Shipping Offer

This pharmacy also gives free shipping via Airmail when orders are worth more than $150.

Conclusion is in no doubt helpful when it comes to making expensive drugs affordable. Additionally, they sell an extensive list of drugs, making patients have access to several drugs cheaply. The issue I have with this pharmacy is the lack of external reviews and a live chat for instant messaging. The lack of external reviews could be as a result of the Homeland indictment it is currently facing. For the time being, look for an online pharmacy that has positive customer reviews form an independent and trusted source.

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