Review – A Pharmacy that Now Redirects to a New Website Review - A Pharmacy that Now Redirects to a New Website now redirects to a new website known as Nevertheless, I want to share with you information about the old website. Therefore, my review today would be about the itself. You might wonder how I got information about this pharmacy. Well, thanks to the internet and archives, I was able to access just enough information to do justice to the review of this pharmacy. is an online pharmacy that sells a wide variety of generics. And it appears to have started operations in 2011. This pharmacy has assured its customers that the generics sold contain the same chemical composition as the brand drugs they represent. Therefore, we can say they work similarly. Likewise, they have also stated clearly that all the drugs on their website are Indian-FDA approved. This should not be surprising as all their generics come from India. This implies that if this website is not operated from India they have a warehouse located there and this is absolutely where their customers’ drugs are processed.

The drugs this pharmacy sells are quite much and among them are erectile dysfunction medications to give men a long-lasting erection. Going through the popular generic erectile dysfunction meds they have to see the prices they are offered, I was able to see that generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis were displayed on their homepage. These are pretty much the most sort after erectile dysfunction generic medications. I, therefore, went through the prices of these meds with the aim to discover the extent of the cheapness of medications on this pharmaceutical online platform. Guess what? I was not disappointed at all. Generic Viagra could go as low as $0.69 per tab on this website, generic Levitra is $1.50 per tab generic, and generic Cialis is $1.30 per tab. These prices are low in comparison to the brand-names they represent.

Furthermore, to make payments you can only do that with a credit card as they have clearly stated that they only accept payments with a credit card. And for the shipping of their drugs, they make use of two shipping vendors. The Courier Service and the Standard International Airmail. Courier Service costs $30 and takes only 5 to 9 days to deliver orders. On the other hand, Standard International Airmail costs only $10 but takes about 10 to 21 days to deliver orders.

In addition, I have seen a live chat service on this website, but I have been unable to try it as it is not part of the data captured in the archives. This leaves customers the option of contacting this pharmacy’s support via phone or by filling out the form on the contact us section of their website. Their numbers include +18005324808, +17183131498, and +442030110241. And for their contact us form, check the screenshot of it below.

Reliable-tablets Contact Us Form

In the event of the failure to receive orders within the maximum period of 22 days, you can request for a refund. And if you are not satisfied with the product received, you would be given a return address where you could return products. After they receive it, refund process to you would be started. Reviews

Sharing customer reviews of this pharmacy with you is absolutely essential. This is because customer reviews depict the reputation and level of safety of a pharmacy. At one glance we are able to see what past customers have encountered. Thus, make an appropriate decision as to whether the pharmacy is somewhere safe to shop meds from. Therefore, I looked for customer reviews that point to the quality of service of And I found only testimonials shared on their website; no independent reviews. As expected they were all positive. Ensure you do not fully trust these reviews as they are a part of the uploaded contents of this website. They probably were engineered by the pharmacy themselves, you never can tell.

Reliable-tablets Testimonial

This customer appears to have bought an erectile dysfunction pill from this vendor. His testimonial attests to the efficacy of the meds he received. He also attests that their delivery service is reliable and timely. he says “no problems”.

Reliable-tablets Testimonial

This other customer who reveals himself as Geilert also commends the delivery of this vendor saying prompt delivery. He says “prompt delivery”.

From these reviews, one can only say that is a reliable pharmacy. However, for me; I am do not judge pharmacies based on onsite reviews. This is because as I have rightly said, they can’t be trusted. Reviews 2018 appears not to have recent reviews. I would have shared with the ones on their website, but they have no date. So, I cannot tell which is recent and which is old. In this case, appraising this pharmacy’s current performance is basically impossible. In my opinion, I would rather you choose pharmacy with a series of positive independent reviews. Both past and present. Coupon Codes

I tried to find out if this pharmacy gives discounts to its customers like most online pharmacies do. I was able to find a few offers on their website.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

This screenshot reveals that a customer would get free 4 generic Viagra Soft pills with every order of generic Priligy, generic Propecia or any Erectile Dysfunction drugs that surpasses 20 pills, 10 free pills if the order surpasses 60 pills, and 20 free generic Viagra pills if order surpasses 100 pills.


Reliable-tablets .com offers cheap prices that could help a patient save on medications. The drugs displayed on the platform appear to be FDA approved and can be trusted. However, I have a problem with the lack of recent reviews. As well as the lack of external reviews. I mean how do we know its true reputation without these. It may lack recent reviews due to the fact that it now redirects to a new pharmaceutical website.

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