Rxied.com Review – A Pharmacy with Fair Prices and Genuine Meds Seized

Rxied.com Review – A Pharmacy with Fair Prices and Genuine Meds Seized

Rxied.com was a drugstore that offered its services on the internet. This pharmacy focused largely on offering solutions to males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. When I tried to access the drugstore site, I found that it had been seized by the authorities. According to what the authorities have placed on Rxied.com homepage, the drugstore was seized because it was trafficking counterfeit products.

Instead of believing this statement, I decided to dig a little bit deeper. Since online pharmacies sell cheap generic medications, the Big Pharma companies which sell the same brand products over 10x more expensive feels threatened when more buyers opt to source their meds online. The only way the pharmaceutical companies can stop this is through going behind the online drug stores back and manipulating the authorities to seize their domain names. This is what happened to Rxied.com.

According to Rxied.com about page, the drugstore had been online from the year 2000. This means that the pharmacy had been selling ED meds for more than a decade and a half. The meds available on the site are largely generic meds. I checked the price for some of the meds it had on its catalog. A pill of generic Viagra cost 0.82 dollars. A pill of brand Cialis cost 0.95 dollars. For males who preferred to eliminate their ED using vardenafil, a pill of Generic Levitra would have cost them 1.59 dollars. The prices this drugstore was offering were not the lowest. However, in comparison to the price at which local pharmacies will sell the same medications, these prices are extremely cheap.

Rxied.com was offering several payment options. These included Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Wire Transfer, and the E-Check. The fact that the drugstore was accepting payments via three of the main credit cards is great since buyers would have the ability to dispute charges if the meds failed to arrive.

Rxied.com was shipping its medications via two main methods. These are the Standard International Mail and the Courier Service. The courier service would take approximately 5 to 9 days. It would cost the buyer 30 dollars. If a buyer opted for the Standard International Airmail, it would cost him 10 dollars but meds would take longer to arrive. This method takes about 10 to 21 days before the medications arrive. The drugstore did not allow order canceling. Also, Rxied.com was not accepting medication returns. The drugstore indicated that this is because there was no way to be sure the returned meds had been stored correctly by the customer prior to their return.

To contact the customer support department at Rxied.com, buyers had three options. These are the live chat, phone numbers, and a contact form integrated on the drugstore contact page. I didn’t get to try out the live chat to see whether it was really active since Rxied.com is already offline. The numbers buyers can use to contact the customer support department are +1 646 205 2973 (regular callers from all over the world), +44 203 011 0298 (UK callers), and +1 866 417 5821 (toll-free for the United States customers).

Rxied.com Reviews

If Rxied.com had been offering counterfeit meds like the organizations which have seized its domain address claim, there should be negative customer testimonials to prove that. I searched the web for Rxied.com testimonials. The reviews I managed to locate proved that Rxied.com was not captured because it was offering fake products. The reviewers are extremely pleased with the pharmacy services and meds. I have captured a couple of Rxied.com reviews below:

Rxied.com Testimonials

The first reviewer claims that he has used Rxied.com to purchase medications. He did not experience any troubles with shipping. He indicates that the store appeared to have been shut-down. The second reviewer reports that he has been using Rxied.com for a whole 2 years. He has never had a problem with the drugs he purchased from them.

Rxied.com Reviews 2018

The most recent pharmacy reviews show how a particular drugstore is doing currently. As you would expect, I could not locate Rxied.com testimonials. The drugstore website was seized by the ICE back in 2017. Therefore, the reason behind its lack of 2018 reviews is understandable.

The most recent reviews which I have captured above show happy customers who never had a problem with the medications delivered to them or the delivery time. The drugstore was always on time. This should prove to you that Rxied.com is a drugstore any buyer could have trusted. The real reason behind why it is not currently serving its incredibly happy customers is because of the Big Pharma attempts to force customers to continue paying for over-priced pills in the local drug stores.

Rxied.com Coupon Codes

Rxied.com Discounts

Rxied.com did not have any coupon codes. However, it was offering discounts to return customers. I have captured the discounts below:

If you are purchasing meds at Rxied.com for the second time, Rxied.com would reduce the amount of price you need to pay for your meds by 5%. When you place your 3rd order, you will pay 6% less. If you return for the fourth time, you will get to pay 93% for your meds. Buyers who source medications from the drugstore for the fifth time received an 8% discount.


Rxied.com is a great online pharmacy that is no longer online because its domain address has been seized. The pharmacy was offering generic ED medications. The Big Pharma is behind the seizure of Rxied.com. The Big Pharma is trying every way it can to make sure that it closes generic medication sellers so that they can continue extorting money from buyers by selling over-priced medications to them. Getting cheap medications is still possible. You don’t have to buy over-priced meds in the local drug stores.

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