Rxpills-online.com Review – An Online Pharmacy with Great Prices but no Longer Operating

Rxpills-online.com Review - An Online Pharmacy with Great Prices but no Longer Operating

Rxpills-online.com as of this moment is not functioning. However, it appears to be an impressive store based on the information I gathered about it from the internet archives. It was reported that they started operating in 2014 and closed in 2016. The reason for their closure and where they operated from has not been disclosed. But it appears they did not pay for their domain name. It is possible they were not making profits, so they decided it is not worth renewing their domain contract. This pharmacy sells mostly erectile dysfunction drugs. While it sells other drugs like Zyban, Zocor, Propecia, Zantac, Lipitor etc.; most drugs on the website are for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can easily know that this pharmacy is rather focused on erectile dysfunction as its homepage is filled with mostly erectile dysfunction images. Among these erectile dysfunction drugs, there were a number of them which struck a chord. They include the brand Viagra, brand Levitra, brand Cialis, Kamagra, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. The price of brand Viagra on this website is $7.82 per pill, brand Levitra is $7.68 per pill, brand Cialis is $7.96 per pill, Kamagra is $1.12 per pill, generic Cialis is $1.01 per pill, and generic Levitra is $1.46 per pill. These prices are really impressive if you agree. There are not many online pharmacies with these sort of low prices. They have claimed that their drugs are WHO approved. Therefore, I believe there shouldn’t be anything to worry about regarding safety and efficacy.

Surfing through the archives, I was able to discover that the means of payment on this website are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. And for the shipping of their orders; I have discovered that they made shipping of orders worldwide available to customers at no charge. So, basically, all customers paid was only the cost of the products purchased. Moreover, the shipping courier they used were Trackable Courier Service, EMS, and Airmail. Trackable Courier Service takes 5 to 9 days, EMS takes 4 business days, and Airmail takes 14 to 21 days. I can only imagine that the worth of your order would determine the shipping method that would be used.

I did not see a live chat service so, customers were open to the phone call option and filling out the form on their contact us page. Their number is +13477080262. I also did a screenshot of the contact us form.

Rxpills-online.com Contact Us Form

Furthermore, I checked their refund policy to see what it entails. Customers get a refund with a failure to receive the order, but only when the shipping address supplied is correct. Otherwise, no refunds. Also, in the case of not being satisfied with the product received. Customers are advised to contact their support team to get a return address to send the product back to. They claim that when the product is received, the refund procedure would commence.

Rxpills-online.com Reviews

I would like to share with you what customers have to say about this vendor. So, we can see what its reputation is really like. While I would have loved to share independent customer reviews of this pharmacy with you, I could not find any. Hence, I am left with the option of sharing onsite testimonials with you. You should know that these testimonials can’t be trusted. Most onsite testimonials are not honest as they are engineered by the pharmacy. This is why you often see no negative onsite testimonials. I mean if a pharmacy was underperforming, would they publish such comments? I honestly doubt. Below are two screenshots of onsite testimonials.

Rxpills-online.com Testimonial

From Stephen’s testimonial, he is satisfied with the services of this vendor. He says he would be patronizing them again. he says “they are honest”.

Rxpills-online.com Testimonial

Suzan appears to have bought a herbal weight loss product from this vendor. From what she says, the product was effective. She says “I lost some weight”.

As expected all the onsite reviews were positive. Using these reviews to judge this pharmacy one can say it is a totally reliable one. But I think not, I mean it operated for only two years before closing. How unreliable could that be?

Rxpills-online.com Reviews 2018

Sharing recent reviews is a paramount part of any top-notch vendor review. This is because it gives an idea of how the vendor is truly performing at the moment. It helps to see if a vendor is safe to try out as of that moment. However, the fact that this pharmacy closed-up since 2016, we definitely can’t find anything recent about it on the internet.

Rxpills-online.com Coupon Codes

10% Discount
10% Discount

Most online pharmacies offer their customers discounts as a way to show appreciation for their patronage or a way to get customers to take a particular action. I was inquisitive about the discounts this vendor offered. Apart from the free shipping, they offer I also saw these.

This screenshot implies that customers got a 10% discount on all next orders. This is a great offer I must confess.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

Also, customers who bought erectile dysfunction drugs were given access to 4 100mg generic Viagra pills at no charge.


Rxpills-online.com appears to have offered one of the lowest prices for meds. I can also fathom that they offered great discounts and freebies like free shipping on all orders and a 10% discount on all next orders. These are pretty much very attractive offers. Nevertheless, I have seen weaknesses such as a lack of live chat, a lack of independent reviews. And the fact that this vendor is no longer operating means, it was not a reliable vendor right from its inception as reliable vendors don’t just stop operating after only two years of operation.

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