Rxstore24x7shop.com Review – A Drugstore that Appears to be Unpopular Among Customers

Rxstore24x7shop.com Review - A Drugstore that Appears to be Unpopular Among Customers

Rxstore24x7shop.com is an online pharmacy that has the phrase “Canadian Pharmacy” as the name on its homepage. As you know it is a common phenomenon that Canadian online pharmacies sell drugs cheaply. This has made many pharmacies who are not even located in Canada call themselves Canadian pharmacies. In any case, I have found out that Rxstore24x7shop.com was established in 2001. This pharmacy has not revealed where it operates from, but I can only assume that it truly operates from Canada as it is approved by the Canadian Pharmacy Association.

Furthermore, just like many online pharmacies, this pharmacy is involved mainly in the sale of generic pharmaceutical products. This is not surprising since we know that branded drugs could be financially exhausting. Over the years generics, especially from Canada, has helped in the perfect substitution of expensive branded drugs. And online pharmacies like Rxstore24x7shop.com have made access to these quality generics possible. While there are so many drugs sold on this website, my attention was drawn towards the erectile dysfunction category. As I checked to see what erectile dysfunction drugs are offered by this vendor, I was able to fathom that a couple of popular generics can be gotten on this drugstore. And these popular generics which I saw include generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis. This store also offers erectile dysfunction drugs in discount packs which they refer to as “ED packs“. This helps customers to save 25% to 55% on the cost of ED meds. You can get Viagra or Cialis on this platform for as low as $0.68 to $2.08 when you buy them through their discounted ED packs. This vendor has claimed that it is involved in the sale of drugs that are certified by the FDA. For this reason, their generics should not contain ingredients that would be harmful to the health.

In addition to the information, I have gathered is the payment methods and shipping methods that this vendor makes use of. This vendor accepts payments with Bitcoin. It also accepts payments with the commonest credit cards; Visa and Mastercard. As for the shipping methods and cost, Regular Shipping (International Registered Mail) is $20 while Express Shipping (EMS) is $30. Regular Shipping takes 7 to 12 days, while Express Shipping takes 14 to 21 business days.

To contact heir customer care, the best option would be to make use of a phone as this vendor lacks a live chat service. Their contact number is +1-888-225-84-52. You can get across to them between 9: am to 11: pm EST.

While Rxstore24x7shop.com does not accept the returns of already shipped products, customers would get a reshipment if there is a failure to deliver products ordered to their address. Also, you would get a reshipment or refund if you order gets defected or destroyed in transit to your specified location.

Rxstore24x7shop.com Reviews

Rxtore24x7.com Testimonials

The reviews of this store from customers are a very essential part of my review of this vendor. It would help us to see certainly what customers have been experiencing regarding making purchases from this pharmacy. I was able to determine that this pharmacy is not popular among customers because there are no customer reviews of this pharmacy anywhere online. The vendor does not even have a testimonials section except for them except for the testimonials that pop-up at on the page of this vendor’s website. I have done screenshots for you to see what people are saying about this vendor.

Nick bought Viagra from Rxstore24x7shop.com (Canadian Pharmacy). From what he tells us the drugs he got were totally efficacious. He tells us that he was able to get “the strongest erection” using the Viagra shipped to him by Rxstore24x7shop.com. He, therefore, didn’t have a problem saying he would recommend the vendor to friends.

Rxtore24x7.com Testimonials

Levon appears to be a returning customer. He tells us that he ordered Levitra from this vendor. He commends the improvement of their service. In other words, he was satisfied with he was satisfied with their service; so much so that he says he “will definitely” recommend this vendor to his friends. Ensure you do not fully trust these reviews as they are a part of the content of this vendor’s website.

Rxstore24x7shop.com Reviews 2018

I tried searching for testimonials that were shared by customers recently. It appears this vendor has not been favored by customers recently as there are no recent testimonials available to share. This is not good as it makes me unable to tell the quality of the service of this vendor at the moment. But there is one thing I can tell for sure, this vendor is not popular among buyers. If it was there would be recent reviews depicting the recent experiences of customers buying meds on this platform. The unpopularity could be as a result of a poor promotion. I advise that you make use of a pharmacy that has positive recent reviews. This would help in determining how safe a pharmacy is at the particular point in time.

Rxstore24x7shop.com Coupon Codes

Rxstore24x7shop.com Free Shipping Offer

I tried searching for coupon codes for this vendor but there isn’t any on the internet. Nevertheless, I have found an offer on their website that allows customers to benefit from free shipping check the screenshot below.

As I said earlier in the article, shipping costs $20 and $30. According to their shipping policy, Express Shipping drops to $15 when your order is worth $300 to $400. Express shipping becomes free when your order is worth over $400. Regular shipping is free with orders worth $300 and above.


Rxstore24x7shop.com has got no recent customer reviews and the on-site customer reviews from the previous do not seem trustable. Nevertheless, I like their prices as they are quite low. And the accreditation of the CPA implies that this vendor can be trusted to a point.

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