Review – An Online Pharmacy Whose Domain is Now For Sale Review - An Online Pharmacy Whose Domain is Now For Sale is the online pharmacy on my radar in this review article. When I tried searching for this pharmaceutical web address, I saw an info that signifies the domain name is for sale. This implies that the pharmacy has been shut down. This is in no doubt surprising as it has stood its ground since 1999. In the years of the operation of this pharmacy, I was able to discover that it operated from the United States

Research has revealed that this vendor actually offered a great number of medications. However, its main focus was said to be on erectile dysfunction drugs. I think this is common with many online pharmacies as erectile dysfunction drugs appear to be the online bestseller. This could be because people are more comfortable buying erectile dysfunction meds privately to avoid feeling embarrassed. The popular erectile dysfunction meds they sold include generic Viagra and generic Viagra professional. Generic Viagra is as low as $0.75 per pill, while generic Viagra Professional goes for $1.23 per pill. These prices are pretty much cheap I must confess. There is absolutely no way to ascertain if the meds this pharmacy sold were FDA approved.

I was able to discover that payments were via credit cards. But I could not determine the exact credit cards that were accepted. Owing to the fact that this pharmacy is not available and no data of this pharmacy on web archive, I also could not find anything shipping methods and cost. However, in most cases, shipping is always done via EMS and Airmail. And costs between $10 and $30. Additionally, no information regarding how to reach their support team or whether they had a live chat service. Likewise, no data regarding what their refund policy used to be. only operated for a while before shutting down. In addition, there is little to no information about this website on the internet. No information as to why it shut down. Even Web Archive has not got any data captured about this vendor. Also, no customer feedback about the pharmacy from customers that must have tried the pharmacy out. The store might probably be under another domain name or probably totally closed due to low patronage. I mean only low patronage is a rational reason why there is no information about this vendor online. Reviews

There are absolutely no customer reviews about this vendor. This is usually not a good thing as you know, lack of reviews indicate that a vendor cannot be trusted. Usually, I advise patients to desist from patronizing drugstores with no customer reviews as such vendors are usually scammers.

The lack of reviews could also be as a result of the fact that the pharmacy was not popular among buyers. And this could be as a result of the fact that this vendor had a poor promotion.

Furthermore, the fact that this pharmacy opened and closed coupled with its ghost nature, I would absolutely not be out of place to say that this pharmacy is was a scam. peradventure this website reopens, I advise that you exercise caution. Reviews 2018

As I would have done for an up and running vendor is to share the recent reviews of this pharmacy. However, what do you do when a pharmacy is missing in action. There is not much that I can do. So, I decided to do a more rigorous research. And guess what? I was finally able to find out that this pharmacy is common for changing domain names frequently without public notice. Domain names that I have seen this pharmacy change to include and

Select Meds Feedback
Select Meds Feedback

I was able to get a recent review regarding These reviews attested that this vendor changes domain name often.

The screenshot reveals Select Meds’ knack for changing domain address. The customer here was complaining how can’t be found and she got a response that it has “changed again to“. These comments were given in 2017. As at now even is no longer going through. So, I can say that this pharmacy is not by any means trustable. It is clearly a scam. I mean what if you make an order and they decide to change the domain name? Your money is gone. As a matter of fact, is going through at the moment. The fact that this pharmacy is changing domain names like every time is a big red flag.

I advise that you try a pharmacy that has a good reputation which is proven by trustable positive customer reviews. Coupon Codes

I tried checking for coupons offered by, but I found none. This is very expected as there are no data available online. And usually I could have gotten the coupons it offered from Web Archive, but there is nothing about this pharmacy regarding coupons or anything whatsoever on Web Archive. Therefore, I can’t tell what deals or discounts this vendor offered customers.

Conclusion has a scanty information about it online. There is little to point to about the reputation of this pharmacy. The domain name is for sale at the moment. It appears this pharmacy is into changing domain names often. Luckily, I could get information to back this claim up. Select Meds has also been registered under other domain names like and I believe there are several others like that. I advise you stay clear of the vendor with the name Select Meds; whether .org, .info, .com or whatever they call themselves tomorrow. Simply try another pharmacy that has great independent customer reviews.

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