Review – Closed Pharmacy that Operated from the Russian Federation Review – Closed Pharmacy that Operated from the Russian Federation is not online anymore. The drugstore did not indicate when it was founded or where it had its physical location. The drugstore had a fairly wide catalog which carried a variety of medications which appeared to me to have been approved by the FDA. The meds I found on the site included antibiotics, women’s health medication, Acne products, weight loss pills, and herbal medications.

The store appeared to have been focused much on the sale of the erectile dysfunction pills. These were the most advertised on the drugstore. After checking their prices, I realized that the pharmacy had been affordable. A pill of generic Viagra 50mg was being sold at a price of only 0.69 dollars. Generic Cialis 10mg was being sold at a price of only $0.91 while generic Levitra 20mg was being sold at a price of only $0.91. Getting medications at was easy, buyers did not require a prescription to place an order for both prescription and non-prescription drugs. When getting medications online without a prescription it is always a good idea to consult a doctor before using these medications.

Buyers were supposed to pay for their meds using credit cards. This was a great payment method since buyers could have disputed the charges when the meds failed to get delivered by the drugstore. Medications were delivered either via the airmail shipping or via the EMS. The airmail shipping was slow since it took approximately 10 to 15 days before delivering medications. The EMS shipping took approximately 5 to 10 days. The rates for shipping varied depending on how much pills the buyer was purchasing. Buyers who purchased 60 pills and 180 pills were supposed to pay $10, and $14 respectively for shipping of these orders via the Airmail method. Buyers who purchased 60 and 180 pills were supposed to pay $18 and $25 for their pills shipment if they wanted them to be shipped via the EMS delivery method. A bulk buyer who purchased more than 181 pills got free delivery using either EMS or Airmail shipment.

If a buyer did not receive his/her order, the drugstore offered either to re-ship or refund the lost package. If the buyer received damaged products, he or she had to contact customer support department within a period of 10 days of receipt. This would help the buyer qualify for the re-shipment or for the refund of the damaged products.

Contacting Select Meds could be done via the phone, via their contact page, and via their email addresses. The phone numbers buyers could have used included +1 909 939 4422 (direct line) and +1 855 409 0999 (US toll-free). The pharmacy did not offer customer support services on a 24/7 basis. Buyers were supposed to contact the drugstore from 2am to 11pm EST on weekdays only. I did not find this to be a great idea since buyers could be stuck while ordering during the weekends. Also, the pharmacy lacking a live support feature did not look appealing to me. Reviews

I searched for the reviews left behind by customers who had already used Select Meds. I could not locate them. The pharmacy did not even have testimonials on its website. I am very wary of online pharmacies which lack a way in which buyers can tell whether they are real or fake. If a pharmacy lacks testimonials, it is either fake or it is real but offers very mediocre services.

From experience, every high-quality online pharmacy I have ever come across had customers who were happy enough to leave a positive comment for the drugstore. Generally, the most reliable reviews are not available on the official drugstore website. There are fake pharmacies which have already copied positive reviews or have created their own testimonials and placed them on their official websites. For this, trusting onsite reviews is not advisable since you might deal with a fake pharmacy without realizing it. Reviews 2018 did not appear to have been around by the year 2018. Therefore, getting its 2018 testimonials was not possible. I searched its domain address on scam adviser and The results I got were the results I would have expected for a pharmacy that lacks any customer testimonials.

The online pharmacy was labeled as not approved by LegitScript. This is a clear indication that sourcing medications from such a pharmacy could have produced negative results.

Selectmeds Scam Adviser Report

The pharmacy had a very low trust rating for a web drugstore that handles people’s money and also focuses on human health. For you to order medications online and feel 100% safe, you need to order them from an online pharmacy that has a 100% safety rating. was operating from the Russian Federation which is known for its high degree of suspicious websites. Coupon Codes

Getting coupon codes to use at was impossible. The pharmacy did not have any coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had various offers. I have captured an illustration below:

Selectmeds Offers

The first saving chance I noticed on was via purchasing medications in bulk. As the number of pills, a buyer purchased increased, the drugstore reduced the price for a pill and hence allowing the buyer to pay less for medications. Also, for every order containing more than 90 pills, buyers got free ED pills bonus. Free EMS shipping was offered when buyers bought meds worth more than $200.


Select Meds lacked reviews and hence the drugstore looked not trustworthy. The drugstore appeared to have been operating from Russia which doubled the possibility of the pharmacy selling doubtful products. The pharmacy had affordable prices although buyers could have still gotten cheaper online pharmacies. Its wide catalog could have been appealing too.

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