Review – American Online Pharmacy with a Minimum Order Requirement Review - American Online Pharmacy with a Minimum Order Requirement was an internet pharmacy that was licensed to sell and dispense medications in the US. This e-store was operating from Oklahoma. The start and closing date of this e-dispensary were not available though. According to their homepage, they sold prescription medicines to wholesalers and they were licensed by the US government to do so. They partnered with PharmaGen Research Laboratories Pvt Lt. They also partnered with 7 online pharmacies.

This e-store offered medications for ADD and ADHD, medications for anxiety, HGH or hormone products, men’s health products, pain killers, steroid, weight loss pills, and women’s health. had a long list of medicines to offer. Among the popular ones were Nembutal, Abastral, Actiq, and Adderall.

For erectile dysfunction drugs, they offered Black Cobra, a sildenafil citrate medication for $1 per tablet. They also offered generic Cialis for $.80 per pill and generic Levitra for $1.30 per tablet. Vega, a generic Viagra was also sold for $0.40 per tablet, and sildenafil citrate, a generic Viagra was sold for $0.90 per tablet. Starlight Pharmacy had a minimum order before they can dispense a medication for individual customers. For ED drugs, the minimum order was 100 pills or at least $180 inclusive of the shipping charge.

What we liked about this site despite the incomplete data from the web archived was the general information they provided for each medicine. They also had a compare button that allowed a buyer to compare two ED drugs. The information they provided was crucial for people who had not used ED yet and still on the process of picking up a drug to try and trust.

One of the modes of payment accepted by was credit card (Visa and MasterCard). They also accepted money order via Money Gram and Western Union. This was one of the few US online pharmacies that offered to ship worldwide. Their shipping rate success was 85% to 95% in most countries such as within the US, the UK, Finland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Although it was operating in the US with an official address in 10064 Professional Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70809 USA, their products were shipped from different warehouses and fulfillment centers particularly from Asia and Europe.

The shipping method they used was not disclosed on their FAQ page. They mentioned though a delivery time of up to 8 weeks and an extra 7 days before a customer can declare an order to be missing. According to their policies, opened orders were not eligible for return. Sterile or refrigerated products were not accepted for return as well. Wholesale orders were not eligible for return too. For damaged orders, it should be reported within three days prior to receiving it and if a customer sees an error with the pricing, it should be reported within 7 days upon receiving an order for it to be corrected. Customers will be charged for a 25% restocking charge for returned orders (conditions apply).

Customers of were able to reach their support team at 323 546 8929 or at [email protected] Reviews was a US-based online pharmacy according to their page as they were operating from the US and with a US address. As an American company, can we trust them? According to one of their customers, this e-dispensary cannot be trusted.

Starlightpharmacy Reviews

A third-party review for said that this e-store was a scam and that it took the customer’s money and didn’t send anything. The customer said that this web store must be avoided like a plague.

Starlightpharmacy Reviews

We also found another third-party review website that had two reviews for this e-dispensary.

The first one was from Silver who said that he had been ordering tramadol from this e-store and was receiving it consistently. Silver was from Sweden and said that he just ordered and received his most recent order a week ago.

Another review was shared by Dobie who tried to pay with a credit card. He said he was later instructed to pay via Western Union and was asked to send the money to Cameroon, a place in West Africa. After sending his payment for his medication, he was later asked to pay another $550 for insurance and was told that it will be reimbursed once the order gets delivered. He said he did not pay for the insurance because it was such a big amount. His order was not sent and he ended up losing his money.

The reviews of Starlight Pharmacy were mixed to very negative and we can say that with the two negative reviews, this e-store must be a real scam. They review of Dobie sounds so real especially with the information he provided about the location of the store (which they put on their website). Reviews 2018

We are unable to find the information as to when this e-dispensary had closed down. We do know that it was before 2018 hence we are unable to find reviews for this year. Coupon Codes did not release any coupon code or promotions that their customer can use in ordering. We searched the web for any perks that this e-store might have offered but found none.

Conclusion was a US online pharmacy that operated from Oklahoma but with an address in Louisiana. The offered different medications but they had a minimum order requirement. We find it interesting that they imposed a minimum requirement for orders.

This e-dispensary didn’t promise much to their customers. No perks or promotions to offer. What they had were negative reviews from customers that they scammed. They had a testimonial page that says a lot of positive things about their service but a quick look at their third-party reviews say otherwise.

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