Review – Pharmacy Selling Expired Pills Seized by the Authorities Review – Pharmacy Selling Expired Pills Seized by the Authorities is a drugstore had been in existence since the year 2006. The pharmacy is no longer online. It has been seized by the authorities. While in most cases when genuine online pharmacies are seized by the security agencies it is usually the work of the big pharma as it tries to reduce its competition, the seizure of appeared to have been a good riddance as you will see in this article.

The pharmacy had a wide catalog. The meds I found on the drugstore catalog include Allergy medications, antibacterial, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, cancer pills, cholesterol-lowering medication diabetes pills, diuretics, men’s health medication, pain medication, weight loss pills, and others. Purchasing medication from was not expensive. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of $0.83. Generic Cialis cost tadalafil users $1.32 per pill. Generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.81.

The pharmacy was shipping medications via two main methods. These included the trackable courier service and international unregistered airmail. The trackable courier service took 5 to 9 days to deliver medications. This shipping method cost $40. The option was available for all countries except Austria, Finland, Sweden, and Belgium. International unregistered mail took 14 to 21 days before delivering medications. This shipping service was being paid for by It was free for all buyers. The meds were shipped worldwide via this method without any limitations. had three payment methods. These included credit cards, E-check, and wire transfer. They accepted numerous credit cards including Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Discover. Paying with E-check and wire transfer was risky. Buyers could not dispute any money paid using these methods. The risk-free method would have been paying using credit cards since buyers can dispute charges quite easily by contacting the credit card provider if failed to deliver medications.

Getting medications from did not require the buyer to send a prescription script. However, if the buyer felt that the medication he or she was purchasing required a prescription in the country where he or she resided, the buyer could send the script. If medications failed to reach the buyer from the Indian manufacturer where they were being shipped from, the pharmacy was offering a refund of the money paid for the medications or a free re-shipment. The drugstore was not accepting medication returns.

Contacting the support department appeared to have been easy. The pharmacy had a live chat feature on its website. Buyers who did not have issues which needed to be taken care of immediately could have used the pharmacy contact us page to send the drugstore an email. Reviews

Drugstore reviews will always tell you the truth that a pharmacy website will not tell you. had numerous testimonials on it. I decided to ignore them since I have come across too many pharmacy websites which have fake testimonials on them. I went ahead and searched for the drugstore testimonials on third-party reviews collecting websites. The reviews I found proved that I was right ignoring the onsite reviews available on I have captured the reviews below:

User Comments for Tabmd
User Comments for

Tom reported that was a complete fraud. The customer service department had no one to answer the customer’s queries. Tom had already used his debit card to purchase medications from the drugstore. He lost hundreds of dollars.

Roy had also been ripped off by He ordered meds from the drugstore and only received half of his meds. The drugstore strung him along for months and he never got to receive the remaining order. The drugstore kept telling him that his order was on the way and then all of a sudden they changed his order status to delivered. He indicated that the drugstore was a ripoff. Even the product that got delivered from India was already expired.

As you can see clearly, the was actually dealing with selling counterfeit meds just like its captured website stated. The website capture was a good riddance for people who shop online for medications.

Tabmd.Com Reviews 2018 did not have any reviews written in 2018. I, therefore, used domain scanning programs to determine how legal this pharmacy was. I have captured the results I got below. The drugstore had already been reported to be an online scam several times. Also, the company behind was hiding personal and company details.

Tabmd Report

According to, was a risky website to use. The pharmacy was trying to mask its location details. Coupon Codes did not have any coupons either in its website or on third-party websites. However, the drugstore had discounts and offers. I have captured them below.

Tabmd Offer

The drugstore was giving buyers who purchased more than 60 pills of ED medications either 4 Viagra pills or 2 Cialis pills for free. The drugstore also gave 2nd-time buyers a 5% discount, 3rd-time buyers got a 6% discount, while the 4th and 5th time buyers got a 7% and 8% discount respectively.

Conclusion was not a reliable site which resembled a great pharmacy. The pharmacy had nice prices and discount offers. However, these appeared to have been used by the drugstore to attract buyers so that the pharmacy could gain trust. The drugstore even delivered expired medications without caring of the effects they would have on the user. Its capture by the authorities is a good riddance.

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