Terms of Service

When you use our service, it denotes your agreement to our terms and conditions for browsing and accessing information on our website. Because of this, we encourage you to get familiar with our terms and conditions thoroughly, as proceeding with the use of our website equates to you agreeing to all that’s stated herein. If you do not agree with anything that’s written on our website, you can terminate the use of our platform at any time. If you have questions about the provisions in our terms and conditions, feel free to reach out to us at any time and we’ll help you give you more information.

Changes in the Terms of Service

We have the right to change provisions on our terms of service at any time, for the further improvement of our users’ experience on our website and for any reason we see fit. In the case of modifications, we have the right to inform our users about the amendment, through a notice (email or pop-up) from our team.

If you agree with the changes on our terms of service, you can proceed with using our platform, but in case you find our newly amended terms and conditions disagreeable, you can opt out of our service at any time. Our users have the freedom to refrain using our platform should they find any element of our website displeasing or disagreeable for their preferences. However, our platform would not be held liable for the perceived damages that were the reason for the users opting out of our service.

User-Posted Content

Being a review website, we allow our users to post their opinions and reactions on articles we have published. Our website has a dedicated section for users to write their comments or reactions, and while we have allotted a space for users to post their reactions, we take no liability for the content the users are able to post or share on our website.

Users are solely responsible for the content they post on our platform – we allow our users to freely air their opinions on our website, but we take no responsibility in the content our users post on our platform.

As we allow our users to use our platform to air their comments and reactions and link to our website, we also reserve the right to use the content made available on our platform. Posting on our website means you agree with us using the content you have posted and allow us to reproduce, publicly use, distribute, and visually modify your content (without taking the essence). As the user who has posted the content, you have the right to delete your content, link, or reaction at any time. However, it may take time to completely remove the content on the web or on our platform.

Creating an Account on our Platform

Using our platform to create an account is free for everyone. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of the users whenever logging in on our platform, so it is our users’ responsibility to secure their login information. If in case you think your account is hacked or compromised, let us know and we will gladly assist you.

Limitations for Posting Content

We allow our guests to post content and freely express their opinions about our reviews. However, there are certain limitations to what they can post on the platform, which primarily revolves around the content being wholesome and undamaging to the integrity of our platform.

Users cannot post content that is:

  • Libelous, slanderous, or defamatory
  • Fraudulent, illegal, unlawful
  • Likely to make our platform or service legally liable
  • An active infringement of copyright, trademark, privacy, patent, or intellectual right
  • Spam or scam in nature
  • Considered personal or sensitive, like for instance, an email address or a phone number
  • Considered harmful, like a virus or a malware


While users can visit our platform whenever they want, there are limits to the access of our consumers to our website. Users cannot use our service to:

  • Collect personal information from other people
  • Bully, threaten, intimidate or stalk other users or other people
  • Coax people into having negative perspectives or opinions on our platform
  • Damage our integrity as a review website
  • Hack or damage or make vulnerable our security
  • Modify any part of our platform for your commercial or personal use, especially without our permission
  • Use our website other than its intended purpose

Our platform has the right to terminate anyone’s access to our site at any time, especially with these grounds.

Our Content

While it is our aim to inform or enlighten other users about our opinions on specific review platforms and products, we cannot guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the content found on our platform. We have a team of dedicated researchers and professionals checking and cross-checking content before it is published, we do not warrant the 100% accuracy of the content found on our website.

Having said this, we will not be held liable for any error or flaw found on our content and we will not be held liable in any way when it comes to damages allegedly caused by any content found on our website, whether from us, our users, or any third-party entity.

Using the website means that you agree to release us from any liability assumed and perceived linked to the use of our website. We will not be held liable or responsible for any form of damage and the fees, legal repercussions, or claims by users or any third-party linked to the use of our online platform.

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