Review – Closed Web Pharmacy with Limited Online Information Review – Closed Web Pharmacy with Limited Online Information was a former online drugstore that’s now missing in action. Unlike other online stores though, this website failed to leave clues regarding its disappearance – the data for Top Pills 365 is so sparse that at some point I thought that this site was a make-believe, non-existent site. Fortunately though, I was able to come across former records of this online pharmacy from the web archive.

As for the reason why Top Pills 365 disappeared, it was difficult to tell considering the lack of buyer reviews or blog mentions for the website. Presently, Top Pills 365’s domain remains inaccessible (not seized, but inaccessible) – there are plenty of possible reasons why Top Pills 365 is now gone. Based on my experience, online pharmacies close because they are, foremost, unpopular, and from that unpopularity stems a host of problems. When an online drugstore is unpopular, it fails to meet its goal profits and end up incurring more expenses than revenue. If this is the case, the store will eventually fail to pay for its domain registry and end up getting its domain name revoked – I’m not saying that this is the case for Top Pills 365, but I think that it’s highly likely, considering Top Pills 365 did not have references on the web or proof that it was formerly a drugstore hub for most online consumers.

There was nothing much to see on the records for Top Pills 365 – the data was actually broken and I was unable to view graphics for the store. What I could make out from the available information for Top Pills 365 was that it was a generics seller which offered a wide range of products for buyers. According to the text on the website archive, Top Pills 365 perhaps started in 2004 and ended its service in 2015, although I could not confirm if this were true.

Products found on Top Pills 365 included medicines for weight loss, smoking cessation, fertility, impotence, blood sugar management, and a lot more. Consumers were not required to provide their prescriptions (illegal, but not really surprising), which was the norm with online pharmacies. Prices for the products on Top Pills 365 were low – for instance, they sold expensive ED treatments for more or less a dollar each instead of the usual $60 per pill at local drugstores. Buyers were perhaps able to save on their prescription using Top Pills 365 considering its prices were significantly low.

Now that Top Pills 365’s now closed, buyers may consider using other online drugstores, preferably those ones that come highly recommended by other users. Reviews

While the former Top Pills 365 store had its own testimonials section, the store’s archived records are not inaccessible, hence my inability to read what reviews were available for the former pharmacy. Though this was the case, I am 100% sure that the reviews for Top Pills 365 were all positive, as it is with online drugstores.

Most online pharmacies see to it that the comments published on their domains are constructive – I am not sure if the staff was the one to create these reviews or if the stores just filter the good reviews and scratch the complaints. Nevertheless, on-site reviews are unreliable since they are unverifiable. In the case of Top Pills 365, the store did not have external reviews I can refer to – I searched the web but without any success when it came to finding Top Pills 365 reviews. Reviews 2018

Top Pills 365 closed even before 2018 came so the store naturally did not have customer reviews from 2018. Because this is the case, I tried using an assessment platform to evaluate the past performance of Top Pills 365:

Top Pills 365 Website Details from Scamner
Top Pills 365 Website Details from

Based on the result of this assessment, Top Pills 365 was discovered to have no SSL certificate, which means that the shop was unsafe for consumers. Online sellers should have their SSL certificates so the financial information of their buyers would be safe from hackers, but unfortunately, Top Pills 365 had no SSL certificate.

Although Top Pills 365 was not marked as an unsafe store, the shop was identified as a spam website and was therefore unsafe for buyers.

Overall, the rating for Top Pills 365 was only 0 out of 100, despite the shop existing for more than 3 years, which was longer than the average online drugstore lifetime. Coupon Codes

I found no coupon codes on the Top Pills 365 store, but the shop has had some deals available for its consumers. For instance, Top Pills 365 offered low prices for consumers able to purchase more of one product. The price for 100 pills is significantly lower for 10 pills, so buyers were perhaps encouraged to purchase more products from Top Pills 365.

There were special sets for ED pills and other promotional gigs, but I was unable to discover if Top Pills 365 offered free shipping or free pills, like the usual online pharmacy. Top Pills 365 perhaps has had these deals but since the store’s inaccessible, I couldn’t confirm the other deals.


Top Pills 365 was a former drugstore that had generic products for its consumers. It functioned for more than 3 years but surprisingly did not have even one third-party review from its consumers. Because of this, it’s hard to know whether the store was a benign operator or a scam site.

Nevertheless, my recommendation is to search for new online pharmacies to use instead of this website since it is now closed. There are stores on our list of TOP Web Vendors you can trust, so you can start with them.

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