True-Tablets.Com Review – Affordable Pharmacy with Numerous Bonuses Closed by the Big Pharma

True-Tablets.Com Review – Affordable Pharmacy with Numerous Bonuses Closed by the Big Pharma

True Tablets was an online pharmacy offering a wide array of medication. There was no indication on the drugstore regarding where it had its physical location. Also, no information was indicated regarding when it started operating. However, since the website copyright section indicated that the pharmacy was an affiliate marketing site, I had to assume that the pharmacy running the site had been operating for a long time.

When I tried to load, I realized that it had already been captured by the authorities. The reason for the drugstore capture provided on the website is that it contributed to the distributing of counterfeit meds. My research, however, proved that this was not the actual reason. The pharmacy is one of the many which have been closed by the big pharma as it tries to eliminate competition. As more people realize that medications are much cheaper online, the big pharma is losing its customers. This not good for their success. By eliminating the cheap alternatives like, the big pharma hopes that buyers will be forced by their health complications to order the expensive pills in the local drugstores. had a huge catalog. Most people could have gotten all the meds they need in order to stay healthy on the pharmacy website quite easily. Some of the meds I found on the store website captured on the web archives included erectile dysfunction pills, medications for people with alcohol issues, antibiotics, anti-allergy medications, antibiotics, migraine, hypertension medications, muscle relaxants, neurological disorder medications, diabetes drugs, diuretics, eye care, and others.

Medications were cheap on The pharmacy sold a pill of Viagra at a price of only $0.69. Generic Cialis cost buyers $1.30 while generic Levitra was worth $1.50. The site was not stocking any brand medications. The generic meds on the website had their source in Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

Paying for medications at was safe. Buyers were only supposed to pay using credit cards. This made things much easier since if the drugstore failed to deliver medications and also refused to offer a refund, a buyer could dispute the charges made to his or her credit card. The drugstore shipped medications either via the Express International Mail or Standard International Airmail. The first shipping method was fast since it took only 5 to 9 days. Also, the method could be tracked during the delivery process. The second method was slow. It took 10 to 21 days before meds arrived. This method had no tracking. In case of a non-delivery, offered to re-ship medications for free or refund the buyer.

After placing an order, buyers were allowed to cancel it as long as 24 hours were not yet over. If 24 hours had already passed, the shipping of the meds would have been initiated and hence canceling would have been impossible. The pharmacy was not clear on whether returning of medications was allowed or not. The pharmacy claimed on one part in their policies page that they accepted returns and then indicated in another part that medication returns were not accepted.

Contacting was extremely easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option and phone numbers. The phone numbers included +1 800 532 4808 (US toll-free), +1 718 475 9088 (Regular US), and +44 203 011 0241 (UK). Reviews

True Tablets did not have any proven reviews. The only reviews I found were on its testimonials page. These are the reviews I have captured below:

True-tablets Testimonials

Steve reported that his generic Viagra had been delivered. The medication worked for him and managed to make his sex life even better. It managed to eliminate performance anxiety. Since the price offered by was cheap, he managed to get pills he could use all the time. Kieran got efficient and prompt service. The tablets were delivered within the given time frame. He had recommended the pharmacy.

The above reviews have a very high likelihood of having been provided for a marketing purpose. Numerous pharmacies craft fake reviews in order to attract buyers who read the reviews and think that the pharmacy is a high-quality drugstore. If you are going to purchase medications from a pharmacy, it is important to ensure that the drugstore has proven reviews. These are usually available on third-party review-collecting websites. Reviews 2018 was seized either in 2017 or early 2018. This means that the drugstore never got the chance to acquire 2018 testimonials. The reviews I have captured below were available on the drugstore website:

True-tablets User Comment

Yukio enjoyed a quick delivery of his medication. The pharmacy cooperated with him throughout the whole ordering and delivery process. The last reviewer got his order. He enjoyed a good deal. He only had to pay $119 for 60 tablets. The deal pleased him such that he wanted to know whether the offer was still available. Coupon Codes

Instead of having coupon codes, True Tablets had a large number of offers. These included the ones I have captured below:

True-tablets Offer

The drugstore was offering free Viagra pills to people who purchased either erectile dysfunction meds, generic Priligy or Propecia. Any buyer who received the bonus had to have a minimum of 20 pills in their order. was offering free airmail shipping to buyers who spent $150 on their meds. Second-time buyers received a 5% discount while third-time and further orders got a 7% discount.

Conclusion is a drugstore that did not appear bad to me. I did not think that the pharmacy needed to be closed by the security agencies. There are no customers complaining that they had received fake pills from the pharmacy. The drugstore had nice prices and buyers were supposed to pay for their meds using credit cards which means that they could have disputed their charges.

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