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When I tried loading, I was taken to a web page that contained numerous security agencies logos and a notification that the domain address had been seized. The reasons for seizing the pharmacy provided is that the drugstore had been participating in the distribution of counterfeit products. A deeper research showed me that the pharmacy was closed as a result of the big Pharma efforts to try and safeguard their uber-expensive brand meds.

As more people realize that the web is a safe place to source their meds, they are abandoning the local pharmacies which are super-expensive and cause their lives to be a real struggle and sourcing their meds on the internet. The local drug stores are not happy about this because obviously, they would want to keep making profits from the people by leveraging their health complications. When these people move away to online pharmacies, the local stores will try to get them back by eliminating their cheap alternatives. was actually an affiliate marketing website. The website was being run by a bigger online pharmacy to make sure that they reached more people. Trusted Tablets catalog was filled with a large number of different medications. These included medication to aid with alcoholism, analgesics, antiallergic, antifungals, antidepressants, arthritis, asthma medication, diabetes pills, diuretics, cholesterol medication, erectile dysfunction pills, eye care, and others.

After checking the price at which sold its erectile dysfunction pills, I realized that the pharmacy was incredibly cheap. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $0.69. Generic Cialis cost tadalafil users $1.30 while generic Levitra cost buyers $1.50. These prices were over 95% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. This shows why more and more people want to get their meds online instead of in the local drugstore. Trusted Tablets only focused on the sale of generic medications which had their source in Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

Buyers were supposed to pay for their meds using credit cards. This was a payment policy that made the buyers feel safe because they could easily dispute the charges made to their cards if was not willing to deliver their meds and also not willing to give a refund. The accepted credit cards were the main ones which include Visa and Mastercard. After paying for their meds, buyers were expecting their meds to arrive either via express international mail or via standard international mail. If a buyer needed his or her meds fast and wanted to track them during delivery, the first method worked fine. It took approximately 5 to 9 days and had tracking. However, it was expensive since it cost $30. The second method took approximately 10 to 21 days and cost its users $10.

In the case of a non-delivery, buyers could contact the customer support department to get a refund or a free re-shipment. The drugstore was not clear on whether they accepted medication returns. To contact the customer support department, buyers could have used their live chat or phone numbers. The phone numbers available on included +1 800 532 4808 (US toll-free), +1 718 475 9088 (regular US) and +44 203 011 0241 (the UK). Reviews

Since testimonials are extremely important when trying to determine the reputation of an online pharmacy, I decided to search for the reviews written by users. Unfortunately, I never managed to locate any of its reviews written by users on third-party sites. The reviews captured below were available on the drugstore official website:

Trustedtablets User Comments

Mike got his order. It was delivered to him quickly. He indicated that the delivery time impressed him. DN received his ED pills and tried them out with his girlfriend. Both of them were extremely satisfied with the results of the pills.

The easiest way an online pharmacy can make a buyer believe that it offers quality services is by presenting positive testimonials. If the positive testimonials are available on the drugstore official website, the pharmacy management has access to them and it can even create fake testimonials. Therefore, believing on-site reviews is not recommended. Reviews 2018

Trusted Tablets did not have any 2018 testimonials. This is understandable because, by the beginning of 2018, the big pharma had already facilitated its capture. The reviews captured below were available on its main website too.

Trustedtablets User Comments

Stewart had ordered some erectile dysfunction meds at He tested the pills out with his date. The pills helped him perform sexually such that his date was completely satisfied. She wanted to get together with Stewart twice a week instead of once. Steward indicated that the pills he received were life-changing.

Glenn reported that the pills he had gotten from were one of the better Generic Viagra. He wanted to order upgraded pills which offered their effect much quicker. Coupon Codes

Coupons usually attract buyers to an online shop. However, there were no coupon codes available online for However, the drugstore main website had numerous offers. I have captured some of the offers below:

Trustedtablets Offers

Men who purchased 20 ED pills got 4 free Viagra soft pills for. Men who bought 60 and 100 ED pills got 10 and 20 Viagra pills for free respectively. Buyers who had purchased meds worth more than $150 enjoyed free standard airmail shipping.


Online, there is no one complaining that customers got counterfeit meds from However, the drugstore has been seized for this reason. This appeared ironic to me which made me dig deeper. I realized that the store was closed as a result of the big pharma effort to eliminate competition. The pharmacy was both cheap and used nice payment methods. However, it lacked proven testimonials.

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